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    • Tuesday 1st December
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How to Play SuperEnalotto

There are several ways to play SuperEnalotto, but the simplest way is to select 6 numbers from the range 1 to 90 for each entry that you want to make. To participate in the SuperEnalotto game you will need to enter two lines of numbers as a minimum, but the low cost of tickets reflects that fact. When you have selected your numbers, hand your play slip to the SuperEnalotto retailer (or submit your numbers by clicking the appropriate button if playing online) and pay the appropriate fee.

When the draw takes place at 8pm on Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday, six main numbers and one ‘Jolly’ number will be selected at random by the SuperEnalotto machine. The Jolly number is very similar to the Bonus Ball that is drawn in the UK Lotto game and also to the Lucky Star numbers that are drawn in the EuroMillions game, and the purpose of the Jolly number is to help players win a bigger consolation prize if the jackpot eludes them.

If no player wins the jackpot then it is rolled over to the jackpot fund for the next SuperEnalotto draw. As mentioned previously, the slim odds of winning the top prize (due to the fact that there are 90 balls in play) mean that rollovers – and the high jackpots they help to create – occur regularly.

SuperEnalotto Entries

All lottery players know that the most effective way of increasing your chances of winning a prize is to enter several lines, but SuperEnalotto makes doing that incredibly easy. Instead of selecting 6 numbers from 90, players can choose to select 7, 8, 9 or more numbers. When they do this their numbers are entered for every combination of 6 numbers possible. Selecting 7 numbers would therefore cost 7 lines, selecting 8 numbers would cost 28 lines, and so on.

Although this full coverage approach is expensive it guarantees the player a jackpot-winning line if any 6 of their numbers match the 6 main SuperEnalotto numbers.

The previously described ‘Integrated’ system of playing is particularly popular with syndicates, probably because syndicate members are able to share the relatively high costs that such full coverage systems involve. If the system is deemed a little too expensive for individual players (which might be the case when they enter 8 or more numbers) then an alternative ‘Reduced’ system of playing SuperEnalotto is available.

The Reduced system once again allows SuperEnalotto players to select more than six numbers, but it doesn’t guarantee that a jackpot prize will be won even if the numbers entered include all six of the SuperEnalotto numbers. Instead, various lower-level guarantees are given, and the level of guarantee depends on the type of Reduced system that is chosen. For example:

  • A G5 entry guarantees that if 6 numbers are matched, at least 5 will line up.
  • A G4 entry guarantees that if 6 numbers are matched, at least 4 will line up.
  • A G3 entry guarantees that if 6 numbers are matched, at least 3 will line up.

As you might expect, the looser the guarantee, the less expensive the SuperEnalotto Reduced system entry will be.


Any SuperEnalotto player who wants to do so can pay a little extra when they buy their tickets and select an additional SuperStar number. The SuperStar number is drawn by a separate machine (in the same way that Lucky Star numbers are drawn separately from the main numbers in the EuroMillions lottery game) so it is possible for the SuperStar to be the same as one of the main SuperEnalotto numbers.

The SuperStar can be any number from 1 to 90 and you can select your own SuperStar number or allow it to be selected at random. If your SuperStar is drawn then it will either help you to win a prize or it will multiply an existing prize that has already been won thanks to the main SuperEnalotto numbers, as follows:

  • If you get 3, 4 or 5 SuperEnalotto numbers and you also get the SuperStar then your SuperEnalotto prize will be multiplied.
  • If you get 0, 1 or 2 SuperEnalotto numbers and you also get the SuperStar then the SuperStar will turn your losing entry into a winner.

As mentioned previously, playing a SuperStar number costs a little extra, and you can choose to play the SuperStar with just one of your SuperEnalotto entries or with several of them, as you prefer.