SuperEnalotto Results for Saturday 14th November 2015

SuperEnalotto Results for Saturday 14th November 2015

Saturday’s SuperEnalotto draw ended without a top prize winner, but more than 61,000 players picked incredible cash rewards. Three players grabbed the highest award of the night, matching four main numbers and the Superstar to win an incredible €42,650 each. No one has won the SuperEnalotto jackpot since Thursday 16th July, and interest in the game is increasing as the top prize grows larger.

The winning SuperEnalotto numbers for Saturday 14th November were 19, 56, 73, 84, 85 and 86 with Jolly 2 and Superstar 80. Six players matched five main numbers to win €40,069 each, while another 116 participants grabbed €2,021 each for matching three main numbers and the Superstar. Other prizes awarded ranged from €5 for matching the Superstar to €426.50 for matching four main numbers. Visit the SuperEnalotto Results page to learn more about Saturday’s game and view a full prize breakdown.

All it takes to win big on SuperEnalotto is a single ticket, as one player from Seveso recently learned. He bought one entry and matched five main numbers in the draw on Thursday 12th November to win an astonishing €47,540. That’s the beauty of SuperEnalotto - the prizes for matching fewer numbers outrank those of any other European lottery game!

If you’re ready to stop the months of rollovers, make sure you buy SuperEnalotto tickets for Tuesday’s draw online or from authorised retailers throughout Italy. Matching all six main numbers drawn would see you win an incredible €26.8 million, which would make this Christmas the best one you ever had! Good luck and have fun.

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