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SuperEnalotto News

The latest SuperEnalotto news appears here, including details of huge jackpots, big winners and developments in the game. Bookmark this page and keep checking back to stay informed on all things SuperEnalotto.

SuperEnalotto Jackpot Hits €71.7 Million

SuperEnalotto fans are keeping their fingers crossed ahead of Thursday’s draw when a jackpot of €71.7 million will be on offer. The game’s top prize has risen once again after no players were able to match all six numbers in Tuesday night’s draw. - (13/12/2017)

SuperEnalotto Jackpot Approaches €70 Million Ahead of Christmas Draws

SuperEnalotto fans are readying themselves for what could be an incredible run of festive draws as the jackpot approaches the €70 million mark. With just eight draws remaining before Christmas day, there will no doubt be a scramble for tickets as potential prize winners aim to secure a sizeable sum that will bring financial comfort to 2018. - (8/12/2017)

SuperEnalotto Christmas Draws 2017

As we move into December, thoughts turn to preparations for the festive period, but how will the celebrations affect the SuperEnalotto Christmas draws? Find out more about which draws will move date over Yuletide and how you can become a millionaire without matching any of the numbers in the main draw, just two days before the 25th. - (1/12/2017)

SuperEnalotto Results for the 141st Draw on Saturday 25th November 2017

Saturday’s SuperEnalotto top prize rolled again on Saturday 25th November, a result that sees the jackpot increase to an incredible €64.5 million ahead of Tuesday. However, there was plenty of joy in the lower prize tiers, as over 428,000 ticket holders won prizes on what proved to be a very prosperous night. - (27/11/2017)

SuperEnalotto Christmas Raffle to Offer 20 Prizes of €1 Million

There will be 20 brand new millionaires minted just before Christmas thanks to a special SuperEnalotto Christmas Raffle to be held on Saturday 23rd December. Anyone who plays SuperEnalotto with SuperStar in that draw instantly enters the raffle, with 20 picked out at random to pocket the seven-figure sum. - (20/11/2017)

How Lottery Fans Can Take Part in International Games

The rise of online lottery services has helped fans to enjoy games even when they are not based in the same country, and this month SuperEnalotto.net is giving you the chance to win Powerball without spending any money. - (1/11/2017)

SuperEnalotto Jackpot At €51.9 Million After Draw No. 128 on Thursday 26th October

The SuperEnalotto jackpot has grown to €51.9 million after another rollover on Thursday 26th October. Although nobody won last night’s jackpot, more than 298,000 players picked up prizes and there was one very big winner. Find out all about the latest results. - (27/10/2017)

SuperEnalotto Jackpot Passes €50 Million After Draw No. 127 on Tuesday 24th October

The SuperEnalotto jackpot has surged past the €50 million mark after another rollover on Tuesday 24th October. Although nobody won last night’s top prize, more than 320,000 players won prizes. Read all about the latest draw results. - (25/10/2017)

SuperEnalotto Jackpot Hits €49.9 Million After Draw No. 126 on Saturday 21st October

The SuperEnalotto draw on Saturday 21st October gave away more than 400,000 prizes as players across Italy enjoy a great evening. There were a number of really big wins, but the €48.9 million jackpot proved to be out of reach. - (23/10/2017)

SuperEnalotto Jackpot at €48.9 Million After Draw No. 125 on Thursday 19th October

The SuperEnalotto jackpot will climb to €48.9 million for the next draw after nobody matched all six numbers in the latest draw on Thursday 19th October. Find out all about the results in this article. - (20/10/2017)

Tax Lottery Won’t Start in January 2018

Italy’s new ‘tax lottery’ has been hit by fresh delays and will not now start in January 2018. It had been hoped that the scheme - pitched as a way to encourage citizens to pay their taxes - would be ready to go in the New Year, but technical issues have put plans for what is also known as the ‘ticket lottery’ on hold. - (10/10/2017)

SuperEnalotto Jackpot Winner Collects €77.7 Million

A €77.7 million SuperEnalotto jackpot winner has come forward to claim their prize. The ticket holder, who has opted to remain anonymous, collected their reward from Sisal’s prize office after patiently waiting for 50 days. - (21/9/2017)

SuperEnalotto Results for Thursday 24th August 2017

The SuperEnalotto jackpot rolled over for a tenth consecutive draw as no players were able to match the numbers required to land the game’s top prize of €24.8 million. Read on to discover more about Thursday’s draw. - (25/8/2017)

SuperEnalotto Jackpot Won by Venice Province Player

A SuperEnalotto player from Caorle, in the province of Venice, has become the game’s second jackpot winner of 2017, picking up €77.7 million in the draw on Tuesday 1st August. The winner successfully matched the winning numbers 1, 8, 28, 54, 82 and 90 to pocket the eight largest SuperEnalotto prize of all time. - (2/8/2017)

SuperEnalotto Results for Saturday 29th July 2017

A total of 475,525 prizes were given away in the SuperEnalotto draw on Saturday 29th July as players from across Italy enjoyed success. There were lots of big winners, including four players who won more than €49,000, but the jackpot rolled over again. Read more to find out all about the latest draw. - (31/7/2017)

Superenalotto Results for Thursday 27th July 2017

Ticket holders may have been unable to get their hands on Thursday’s SuperEnalotto jackpot of €75.7 million, but that didn’t stop four players from each winning €40,516 after correctly matching five of the six main numbers drawn. Read on to discover more about the draw. - (28/7/2017)

SuperEnalotto Results for Tuesday 25th July 2017

The SuperEnalotto jackpot continues to grow after Tuesday’s jackpot of €74.7 million evaded capture yet again. However, there was plenty of cheer in the game’s other prize tiers as over 350,000 ticket holders profited from the draw. - (26/7/2017)

SuperEnalotto Results for Saturday 22nd July 2017

The SuperEnalotto jackpot remained just out of reach on Saturday 22nd July as nobody matched all six main numbers, but 11 ticket holders won more than €30,000 and over 450,000 players won prizes on another great evening. Read more to find out all about the latest draw. - (24/7/2017)

SuperEnalotto Results for Thursday 20th July 2017

The SuperEnalotto jackpot was not won on Thursday 20th July, but over 285,000 players picked up prizes on another great night and two lucky ticket holders won more than €80,000. Read the full article for more details. - (21/7/2017)

Italian Tax Lottery “Delayed Until 2019”

Italy’s tax lottery will not begin trials this year as previously planned, according to a report in Corriere della Sera. The scheme was announced last year and would see anyone who asked for a receipt when paying for goods or services entered into a draw to win prizes, but it has now been put back until 2019 due to delays in preparing the necessary technology. - (12/7/2017)

SuperEnalotto Jackpot Reaches €67.8 Million Ahead of Saturday’s Draw

Excitement is beginning to build once again as the SuperEnalotto jackpot continues to grow. The 80th draw of the year failed to produce a winner of the elusive top prize, meaning the collective attention of lottery lovers across the country will now turn to Saturday night when the reward on offer will be a massive €67.8 million. - (7/7/2017)

SuperJackpot: A New Way to Win Big With SuperEnalotto

From Monday 12th June, SuperEnalotto players will be able to buy a new type of ticket called a SuperJackpot, allowing them multiple entries into the lottery. Thanks to the range of prizes on offer in the main draw, and the instant prizes introduced to the game in February 2016, these packaged tickets offer great odds of winning cash. - (9/6/2017)

SuperEnalotto Jackpot Hits €55.6 Million Ahead of Saturday’s Draw

Excitement is growing amongst SuperEnalotto fans ahead of this Saturday’s draw when the jackpot will be an estimated €55.6 million. The game’s top prize has been steadily increasing ever since a ticket holder from Mestrino near Padova won a jackpot of €93.7 million on Saturday 25th February. - (9/6/2017)

SuperEnalotto Results for Thursday 25th May 2017

This Saturday’s draw will offer SuperEnalotto fans the chance to win a jackpot worth €49.8 million. Despite thousands of ticket holders winning prizes in Thursday’s draw, no one managed to match the six main numbers required to land the top prize, meaning the wait to find a second jackpot winner of 2017 stretches into its fourth month. - (26/5/2017)

SuperEnalotto Results for Monday 24th April 2017

The SuperEnalotto jackpot rolled over in Monday night’s draw, but over 277,000 players won prizes on an exciting night across Italy. The top prize will now grow to an impressive €37 million for the next game. - (25/4/2017)

SuperEnalotto Easter Raffle to Crown 30 Millionaires

This Saturday, SuperEnalotto ticket holders will be given the chance to play for 30 prizes of €1 million in a special Easter Millionaire Raffle draw. The supplementary game will be played alongside the main SuperEnalotto draw and will see ticket holders given the chance to win a life-changing sum of money. - (13/4/2017)

SuperEnalotto Results for Thursday 6th April 2017

Over 370,000 players picked up prizes in the SuperEnalotto draw on Thursday 6th April, including three lucky ticket holders who won more than €50,000. The jackpot proved to be just out of reach, though, and will now rise to €29 million for Saturday night’s game. - (7/4/2017)

SuperEnalotto Results for Saturday 25th March 2017

The SuperEnalotto jackpot has soared to €24 million following another rollover on Saturday 25th March, but a brilliant week for players ended with a couple more ticket holders scooping six-figure prizes and over 399,000 participants across Italy bagging awards. - (27/3/2017)

SuperEnalotto To Hold Easter Millionaire Draw

A special SuperEnalotto draw will be held on Saturday 15th April to mark the Easter Weekend, with 30 players guaranteed to win €1 million each. All the usual SuperEnalotto prizes will also be on offer, and the jackpot is steadily rising after another rollover on Saturday. - (20/3/2017)

SuperEnalotto Results for Thursday 16th March 2017

The SuperEnalotto jackpot has climbed to €20 million after rolling over again on Thursday 17th March, but the latest draw still produced more than 330,000 prize winners and two lucky ticket holders received over €50,000. Find out more about the latest results. - (17/3/2017)

SuperEnalotto Results for Thursday 9th March 2017

Thursday’s SuperEnalotto jackpot of €15.9 million went unclaimed for the fifth straight draw, but that didn’t stop a number of players winning huge prizes on the nation’s favourite lottery game. The four biggest winners on the night successfully matched five of the six main numbers to win €41,363 each. - (10/3/2017)

SuperEnalotto Results for Tuesday 7th March 2017

The SuperEnalotto draw on Tuesday 7th March passed without anyone winning the €14.8 million jackpot, but thousands of players picked up prizes on an another exciting night and there were still some very big winners. Find out more about what happened. - (8/3/2017)

SuperEnalotto Jackpot of €93.7 Million Won in Mestrino

The wait to crown the first SuperEnalotto winner of 2017 is finally over after a ticket holder from Mestrino near Padova won Saturday’s €93.7 million jackpot. The lucky player matched all six numbers in the main draw to land the eight-figure sum and become the envy of players around the world. - (27/2/2017)

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