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    • Tuesday 19th December
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Si Vince Tutto Results for the 30th May 2012

With the biggest SuperEnalotto jackpot of the year being won just over a week ago many ticket holders were hoping this winning streak would carry on so that they could scoop the top prize in the special draw that is the Si Vince Tutto. For this year no one has managed to match the six numbers drawn to win the top prize in this lottery and the Si Vince Tutto results for the 30th May 2012 are no different as yet again these reveal that no ticket holders matched the numbers drawn.

The Si Vince Tutto results from this draw if you haven’t seen them already are 19, 34, 48, 61, 66 and 87. As there is a selection of 1 – 90 it is no wonder the jackpot in this lottery rarely gets won and looking as these numbers drawn it isn’t hard to see why there wasn’t a jackpot winner as all the numbers drawn are fairly widespread across the board.

Despite there not being a jackpot winner in the Si Vince Tutto draw for the 30th May, there was one ticket which matched five numbers drawn to win the second tier prize that was worth €1,377,485.28. To add to that 98 players matched four numbers to win €3,539.27, 3,984 players matched three numbers to win €406.07 and then 68,661 matched two numbers draw in the Si Vince Tutto results to win €11.46.

There hasn’t been a Si Vince Tutto jackpot winner for quite some time, therefore the question is can the draw in June have any top prize winners?

31st May 2012

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