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    • Thursday 18th January
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SiVinceTutto Results 27th July 2011

On Wednesday 27th July 2011 another SiVinceTutto draw took place but like previous draws for this additional game from Superenalotto there were no match 6 main jackpot winners. However unlike the previous draws there weren’t any match 5 winners either; this meant that the jackpot of over €14 million was shared amongst the next two prize tiers, match 4 and match 3. Read on for details of how the whole prize was distributed to the lower prize levels.

  • 15,168 matched 3 numbers and won €674.26 each
  • 382 players matched 4 numbers and won €9,942.50 each

In comparison with the last SiVinceTutto draw results on the 8th June, winners this time took home substantially more money. For the players who matched 3 numbers the prize money was almost doubled and for the match 4 winners the prize paid out was nearly 5 times the previous amount!

Here are the previous draw SiVinceTutto results:

  • 21,388 winners matched 3 numbers and won €344.67 each
  • 628 players matched 4 numbers and won €2,116 each
  • 6 winners match 5 numbers and won €747,041.06 each

Keep checking our Superenalotto news section for details of any upcoming SiVinceTutto draws, they are definitely popular amongst lottery player who love the Italian Lottery and who knows, next time it could be you!


28th July 2011

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