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    • Tuesday 24th October
    • €49,900,000
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SuperEnalotto Jackpot Starts to Rollover

Last night the second SuperEnalotto draw of the week took place, however the results from this draw show that no one matched the six numbers drawn. This means that the SuperEnalotto jackpot has started to rollover again, so it will be interesting to see how long it takes for the jackpot in this lottery to be won. The SuperEnalotto results from last night’s draw were 32, 58, 63, 70, 75, and 81 and the first winning prize tier was actually the match five tier in which three players each won €101,553.62.

Last night’s draw was actually the 68th draw for the SuperEnalotto for this year and to date the jackpot has already been won twice. The first win of these year happened on the 19th May when one ticket holder matched the numbers drawn in the SuperEnalotto results to win the jackpot that was worth €94,836,378.29, which had been rolling over since September 2011.

The next win for this year happened just two draws later from the first jackpot win on the 24th May. In this draw the jackpot available to win was worth €25,800,137.57 and one ticket holder matched the six numbers drawn in the SuperEnalotto results to win this jackpot and become the second SuperEnalotto winner for 2012.

With the SuperEnalotto having already had two top prize wins so far it will be interesting to see when the third jackpot win will happen. The SuperEnalotto jackpot is now estimated at €4.9 million for Saturday’s draw, so make sure you have your tickets ready if you fancy winning this jackpot.

8th June 2012

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