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    • Tuesday 21st November
    • €61,500,000
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SuperEnalotto Raffle

The SuperEnalotto Raffle is a special draw in which multiple prizes of €1 million are paid out to players who match the codes on their tickets with one of those drawn on the night. The first draw took place on Saturday 15th April 2017 and is called Easter Millionaire.

What is Easter Millionaire?

Easter Millionaire is the name of a special SuperEnalotto promotion which took place on Saturday 15th April and offered a guaranteed prize money of €30 million.

Anyone who played SuperEnalotto was automatically entered into the draw just by adhering to these two rules.

  • Playing SuperEnalotto No. 45 on 15th April 2017
  • Including the selection of SuperStar.

SuperEnalotto players for this game received a unique, randomly-generated code consisting of letters and numbers. On the night of the draw, 30 winning codes were selected at random and the participants with matching tickets won €1 million each. Tickets went on sale on 12th March and were available until 19.30 on the day of the draw, Saturday 15th April 2017.

How to Play

Participants can play more combinations to increase their chances of winning one of the €1 million prizes, and there are various different ways to enter.

  • A version of the classic two-panel ticket is available for €3 with a special box for Easter Millionaire at the side. If players fill out both panels and tick the box for Easter Millionaire, they will be entered into the next SuperEnalotto game as usual and the special draw on 15th April, receiving two Easter Millionaire codes.
  • Players can buy special, pre-printed coupons, displaying the image of an Easter egg, for €6. Each ticket will include four combinations for the SuperEnalotto and SuperStar game on 15th April, along with four Easter Millionaire codes.
  • Players can purchase either a €3 ticket or a €4.50 ticket directly for the draw on 15th April. The €3 ticket gives them two Easter Millionaire codes, as well as two combinations for SuperEnalotto and SuperStar. The €4.50 ticket gives them three Easter Millionaire codes, as well as three combinations for SuperEnalotto and SuperStar.
  • Tickets for Easter Millionaire are also available online, with lots of different options for players.

Easter Millionaire Winners

The winning Easter Millionaire are displayed on the SuperEnalotto Results page. Anyone who wins a prize must then present their game receipt at one of Sisal’s two main offices.

  • Rome - Viale Sacco and Vanzetti 89 (ZIP code 00155)
  • Milan - via A. Tocqueville 13 (ZIP code 20154)

Offices are open from 09:00 to 13:00 on Mondays to Fridays, and winners must come forward within 90 days to claim their prizes.