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    • Tuesday 25th October
    • €162,300,000
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SuperEnalotto Tickets

SuperEnalotto tickets are available to buy online using a concierge service such as theLotter. This service employs people to buy physical tickets in Italy using the numbers you have chosen, which they then scan, saving a copy in your player account. The tickets are securely stowed away in case they are needed to claim a prize and the company will even arrange for you to pick up any jackpot winnings in person. Smaller prizes are paid directly by the concierge service.

Play SuperEnalotto Online

You can buy standard SuperEnalotto tickets through the lottery concierge service simply by choosing six main numbers from a choice of 90 or taking the Quick Pick option, which generates random lines on your behalf. The minimum number of lines available to play in any draw through the service is five and you can opt to play the same numbers over the course of 10, 25 or 52 draws.

There is also the option to buy shares in a SuperEnalotto syndicate. These lottery pools benefit from having far more entries in a draw than would be affordable for a single player, slashing the odds on them winning a huge prize or even the jackpot. Your slice of the winnings is dependent on how many shares of the syndicate you buy.

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For full details on taking part in this massive Italian lottery game, click on the How to Play SuperEnalotto page.

SuperEnalotto Superstar Tickets

For a small extra fee you can add SuperStar to your entry, which multiplies some of the regular prize tiers up to 100 times and offers extra awards too. Matching just the SuperStar brings a return of €5, while there are cash prizes for matching it along with one and two main balls. Prizes in the Match 3 and Match 4 category are multiplied by 100 when matched with the SuperStar, with the Match 5 and the SuperStar tier offering a prize 25 times that on offer with a regular ticket.

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SuperEnalotto SiVinceTutto Tickets

SiVince Tutto is played weekly and offers great jackpots with the added bonus that the funds in the top tier roll down if there is no winner and are shared between players in the lower prize divisions.

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You can find more details about the SiVinceTutto here