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    • Saturday 25th November
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SuperVincitore Raffle

While the SuperVincitore Raffle is not currently underway, prizes are valid for 90 days so you may still be due a prize! The results from the most recent SuperVincitore Raffles can be seen below:

Previous Supervincitore Results

Results Date Draw No. Winning Code:
83/2014 0379A4530031-1
82/2014 9090F352011F-32
81/2014 4403B4510056-2
80/2014 1741A5500014-1
79/2014 6113AD4F0030-2
78/2014 1782A34E0046-4
77/2014 9090F34D0197-19
76/2014 8027AA4C004A-2
75/2014 0775AD4B0068-1
74/2014 7279AC4A0012-1

About the SuperVincitore Raffle

The SuperVicitore Raffle is a supplementary game which is occasionally played alongside the main SuperEnalotto draw. To participate in the raffle, players must purchase a SuperEnalotto ticket for a draw which will be held during the promotional period and opt to include the SuperStar feature. For every eligible SuperEnalotto ticket a player purchases, they will gain one free entry into the SuperVicitore Raffle.

A unique 13 digit code will be printed on every eligible ticket and it’s this code that could see players scoop a guaranteed prize of €500,000. As the raffle is completely separate to the main SuperEnalotto game, players could still win a fantastic raffle prize even if they don’t match a single number in the main game.

For more information on how to play SuperEnalotto, and to learn how the SuperStar works, visit the How to Play page.