Lotteria Italia

Lotteria Italia

Lotteria Italia is an annual game which gives away millions of euros in prize money. The final draw always takes place on 6th January.

To see the winning codes from the latest Lotteria Italia draw, go to the Lotteria Italia Results page.

How to Play

The game can work slightly differently each year but the key steps are usually the same. Here’s how the game works:

  • Buy a Lotteria Italia ticket from an authorised retailer or online. Each entry costs €5.
  • Each entry will contain a code consisting of one letter (sometimes two), followed by six digits.
  • The draw takes place on 6th January and a host of winning codes are selected. If your code matches one of the winning codes exactly, you win the corresponding prize.

Lotteria Italia Prizes

The number of prizes to be given away in each draw is only decided on the day, when the revenue from ticket sales has been pooled together to create a prize fund. However, the jackpot is always guaranteed to be €5 million. The top prizes for the 2022 draw are shown below:

Prize Value
First Prize €5 million
Second Prize €2.5 million
Third Prize €2 million
Fourth Prize €1.5 million
Fifth Prize €1 million

Below this top set of prizes, more awards are also paid out in every draw. Prizes in the second category are normally worth €50,000 and prizes in the third are €25,000. The number of prizes in each of these categories depends on how many tickets have been sold.

Daily Prizes

In recent years there have also been daily prizes in the build-up to the final draw. When you buy a Lotteria Italia ticket, there is a section marked ‘Gratta qui’ (Scratch Here). Scratch this to uncover a second code consisting of ten digits. You can then submit this code into daily draws which run in the weeks leading up to the Lotteria Italia draw.

You can send your code by calling 894444, sending an SMS to 4770470, or submitting it online. One code is then announced every day during a TV broadcast on a show linked to Lotteria Italia. If you match the winning code, you receive the associated prize.

How to Claim

To claim a Lotteria Italia prize, you must come forward within 180 days of the draw. You must have your winning ticket intact and be able to provide proof of your identity. You can visit any branch of the Intesa Sanpaolo bank or the Lottomatica prize office at Viale del Campo Boario 56 / D - 00154 in Rome.

History of Lotteria Italia

Lotteria Italia’s history dates back to the 1950s and has given players the chance to win magnificent prizes at the start of every year. It has been paired with one of the most popular television programmes on the Rai network since 1957. Chart how the lottery has changed below:

  • 1957 - The first Lotteria Italia draw took place, combined with The Songs of Luck – Le canzoni della fortuna – television broadcast. Tickets had gone on sale the previous October, costing 500 lire, and the first prize was worth 100 million lire.
  • 1986 - The value of prizes and the cost of a ticket had gradually risen over the years. In 1986, a top prize worth 1 billion lire was put up for grabs for the first time. Each entry cost 3,000 lire.
  • 2000 - The final Lotteria Italia before Italy switched currency to the Euro was held. Tickets cost 5,000 lire and the jackpot was 10 billion lire.
  • 2001 - After the switch to the Euro, tickets cost €2.58 and the top prize was worth €5 million.
  • 2006 - The ticket price increased to €5, with the jackpot still €5 million. The ticket price and the top prize have remained the same every year since 2006.
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