SuperEnalotto - Frequently Asked Questions

Discover the answers to some of SuperEnalotto’s most frequently asked questions.

When do SuperEnalotto draws take place?

Where do SuperEnalotto draws take place?

Can you watch the SuperEnalotto draw live on TV?

What time do ticket sales close?

How much does it cost to play SuperEnalotto?

What is SuperStar?

Can I choose the same number as a main number and a SuperStar number?

What is a SuperBonus?

What is the Jolly?

What is Instant Win?

What is the SuperEnalotto Raffle?

Which region has created the most jackpot winners?

I’ve won! How do I claim my prize?

When was the first SuperEnalotto draw?

How do I win a prize in SuperEnalotto?

What is the biggest SuperEnalotto jackpot ever won?

Does SuperEnalotto feature a jackpot limit or rollover limit?

What is the longest period without a jackpot winner?

Is there a minimum SuperEnalotto jackpot?

What are the odds of winning SuperEnalotto?

Is there an age restriction on playing SuperEnalotto?

Will I pay tax on SuperEnalotto prizes?

If I win a SuperEnalotto prize, how long do I have to claim it?

Can I stay anonymous if I win SuperEnalotto?

What is ‘Attribuzione da D.D. 2011/49938/Giochi/Ena del 16/12/11 art. 2 comma 2’?

I don’t live in Italy. Can I play SuperEnalotto?