MillionDay is a lottery drawn every day at 13:00 and 20:30 CET, with a jackpot prize of €1,000,000 (after tax). The game offers a total of four prize tiers, with prizes awarded for matching two or more numbers.


How to Play MillionDay

Choose five numbers ranging from 1 to 55. Each entry costs €1. You can also play multiple entries (max 10 per draw) and systemic entries by choosing up to 9 different numbers (max 126 entries per draw).

MillionDay Rules

You have the option to play Extra MillionDay, at a cost of €1 per line. This is another draw, with five more winning numbers randomly selected from the 50 that have not appeared yet. You use the same numbers for Extra as you do for MillionDay, so you don’t have to pick any more.

If you play at a local shop, choose if you want to play for 2, 3, 5, 7, 10 or 20 consecutive draws, while if you play online you can choose anything between 2 and 20 consecutive draws. If you play multiple or systemic entries, you can choose anything between 2 and 5 consecutive draws. Leave it blank to play a single draw.

Pay for your entry. If you play at a retailer, keep your MillionDay ticket safe, because without it, you will be unable to claim a prize. If you play online, your ticket is securely stored in your account.

To play MillionDay you must be at least 18 years old. Players below the minimum age will not be permitted to play or claim any prizes won.

Draws take place at 13:00 and 20:30 CET every day, with ticket sales closing at 12:50 and 20:20 CET, then reopening for the next draw at 13:05 and 20:35 CET.

You win the jackpot by correctly matching all five numbers drawn.

MillionDay Results

MillionDay Results

To view the latest numbers from the draw, visit the MillionDay results page.

MillionDay Prize

MillionDay Prizes

MillionDay has a total of four prize tiers, with overall odds of winning a prize approximately 1 in 17. Prizes can be won by matching two or more numbers, with the jackpot prize available to players matching all five numbers.

All MillionDay prizes are subject to 8% tax.

The following table lists all of the prizes available in MillionDay as well as the odds of winning each prize.

Match Odds of Winning Prize (before tax) Prize (after tax)
5 1 in 3,478,761 €1,086,956.52 €1,000,000.00
4 1 in 13,915 €1,086.96 €1,000.00
3 1 in 284 €54.35 €50.00
2 1 in 18 €2.17 €2.00
Overall Odds of Winning: 1 in 17
MillionDay Prize

Extra MillionDay

If you play Extra, there’s another opportunity to win prizes. It works in the same way, so you’ll win a prize if you match two, three, four or five of the winning numbers. It’s even possible to win in both games, although you couldn’t win two jackpots on the same night as Extra only includes the 50 numbers that are left after the MillionDay draw has taken place.

The following table shows the prizes you can win in Extra MillionDay.

Match Prize – Standard Entry (playing 5 numbers) Prize – System Entry (playing 6 numbers) Prize – System Entry (playing 7 numbers) Prize – System Entry (playing 8 numbers) Prize – System Entry (playing 9 numbers))
5 €100,000 €105,000 €111,000 €118,040 €126,160
4 €1,000 €2,400 €4,224 €6,496 €9,240
3 €100 €312 €648 €1,120 €1,740
2 €4 €16 €40 €80 €140
How to Claim

How to Claim

All MillionDay prizes must be claimed within 60 days of the draw taking place, but how you collect your money depends on the amount you won and whether you played online or through a retailer.

Tickets Purchased at a Retailer

If you have won with a playslip purchased at a local retailer:

  • €2 and €50 prizes can be claimed at any authorised lottery retailer.
  • €1,000 prizes can be claimed in cash at the retailer which sold the ticket. In any other retailer it is possible to:
    • Arrange for the winnings to be paid by bank transfer.
    • Claim your prize in cash, should your ticket contain the sentence “Vincite pagabili in ogni ricevitoria”, meaning that your ticket was printed on a reduced-functionality Lottomatica terminal (usually located in railway stations, airports or motorway service stations).
  • For €1,000,000 prizes, you must present your winning ticket at any Banca Intesa bank or at the Lottomatica Prizes Office in Via del Campo Boario 56 / D, 00154 in Rome. You will also be required to provide:
    • The receipt of the winning ticket
    • A valid ID card
    • Your tax code

You will have to complete a payment request to have the money paid into either your bank account, your post office account or via a cheque at any Banca Intesa bank. You will then be given a photocopy of the winning receipt and a copy of the application form. A meeting will be set up for you to receive your money at a Banca Intesa bank two weeks later.

Tickets Purchased Online

If you have won a prize playing online:

  • €2, €50 and €1,000 prizes are credited directly to your online gaming account and you can then withdraw the money.
  • For €1,000,000 prizes, you must arrange to collect your prize at any Banca Intesa bank or at the Lottomatica Prizes Office in Via del Campo Boario 56/D, 00154 in Rome. You will also be required to present:

    • The ID code that uniquely identifies the winning bet (Found in the Play Detail section)
    • A valid ID card
    • Your tax code
MillionDay history

History of MillionDay

Below is a timeline of all of the major events which have occurred in MillionDay:

  • Wednesday
    7th February 2018

    The First MillionDay Draw

    MillionDay tickets went on sale in retailers for the first draw held later that evening.

  • Friday
    16th February 2018

    The First Million Was Won

    The €1 million jackpot was won for the first time. The winner had purchased their ticket at the local shop managed by Mrs Oriana Failla in viale Mario Milazzo 108, Caltagirone (Catania).

  • Wednesday
    7th March 2018

    MillionDay Available Online

    MillionDay became available to play online.

  • Friday
    25th May 2018

    Changes to MillionDay

    The Italian Customs and Monopolies Agency announced several changes to MillionDay rules: players will be allowed to play up to 10 different entries per single draw, and systemic entries will be introduced by selecting up to 9 numbers (max 126 entries per draw). Also the maximum numbers of entries accepted containing the same combination on the whole national territory will be limited to no more than 200 per draw.

  • Wednesday
    28th November 2018

    Multiple and systemic entries

    Multiple and systemic entries were introduced, along with the 200 identical entries accepted per draw.

  • Wednesday
    16th March 2022

    Extra MillionDay Arrives

    The first Extra draw took place, putting up an additional jackpot of €100,000. The new game was introduced to give players a second chance to win every night.

  • Wednesday
    29th March 2023

    Second Daily Draw

    A second daily draw was introduced, taking place at lunchtime and giving players another chance to win.