SuperEnalotto Syndicates

A syndicate is a group of people playing the lottery together. The cost of buying tickets is shared between all members of the syndicate and any prizes won are distributed equally among the group. Syndicates allow you to have a share of multiple lines of numbers – therefore improving your chances of winning – without the expense of paying for all of them yourself.

Syndicates are traditionally played with family, friends or work colleagues, but you can also join an online syndicate. When playing in a syndicate with people you know, it is worth drafting a written agreement that describes all the conditions of playing, including who is responsible for buying tickets and what happens when prizes are won. There is no need to do this for online syndicates as the lottery provider does all the work for you.

Syndicates With Family and Friends

Syndicates With Family and Friends

You can create your own syndicate by buying multiple SuperEnalotto tickets with friends, family or colleagues. This way, not only do you increase the chances of winning a prize, but also the excitement of participating with other people in the draw. A syndicate of ten people who each contribute €5 to play would be able to buy 50 lines, giving each person a bigger chance to win than if they played alone.

When you set up a syndicate with other people you have complete control over how it operates, from purchasing the tickets to splitting prizes. You should draft a syndicate agreement before playing so that the rules of participating are clear to every member of the group.

Draft A Syndicate Agreement

This document should outline every single detail about your syndicate, including:

  • the name of each member;
  • how much each contributor pays;
  • what happens if someone doesn’t pay their share in time;
  • how many tickets are bought for each draw;
  • which draw(s) the entries will be valid for;
  • who buys and keeps the tickets safe;
  • who checks the winning numbers;
  • who is responsible for claiming the winnings;
  • how winnings are split;
  • what happens when someone wants to drop out of the syndicate; and
  • whether the syndicate would remain anonymous or go public in the event of a big win.

Making these things clear before the syndicate starts playing will help to avoid any conflict or misunderstandings in the future, such as participants who claim they are due more prize money than they received or people who still want a share of winnings after leaving the syndicate.

Online Syndicates

Online Syndicates

Online syndicates are a lot easier to join, as you don’t need to worry about drafting syndicate agreements or recruiting other people to play. Sisal, the official SuperEnalotto provider, offers its players the chance of joining a syndicate online. The most common way of playing is to purchase shares (called “carature”) of a systemic entry along with other players.

To play a system game, you choose a set of numbers and play every combination of those numbers as a separate line. Some systems allow you to just play specific combinations, rather than all possible ones, and others also include the Superstar option.

Purchasing a share of a systemic entry online takes all the hassle of setting up a syndicate away from you, as the online lottery provider is entirely responsible for buying the tickets, checking the winnings and managing the prize distribution among each syndicate member. All you have to do is choose what type of syndicate you want to join and how many shares you want to buy. After you have done this you just have to wait and see whether your syndicate has won. If it does, your share of the prize will be directly paid into your account, without the risk of any disputes from other players.

Please visit the Systems and Strategies page to find out more about playing a systemic entry, either by yourself or with other players as outlined in this page.