Eurojackpot is a lottery drawn every Tuesday and Friday that offers jackpots of up to €120 million. Played in 19 European countries, the game offers a total of 12 prize tiers and a guaranteed jackpot of at least €10 million in each draw. Draws take place at 20:00 CET and are held in Helsinki, Finland.

As well as Italy, Eurojackpot is available to play in Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden.


Comparison between Eurojackpot and SuperEnalotto

Eurojackpot   SuperEnalotto
Euro-jackpot format game Euro-jackpot format game
5 from 50 and 2 from 12
Game Format SuperEnalotto format game
6 from 90
Superenalotto Minimum Jackpot
€10 million
Minimum Jackpot Eurpjackpot Minimum Jackpot
€1.3 million
Eurojackpot Highest Jackpot
€120 million
Highest Ever Jackpot SuperEnalotto Highest Jackpot
€209.1 million
Eurojackpot Odds
1 in 32
Overall Odds of Winning a Prize Superenalotto Odds
1 in 16*
Eurojackpot Jackpot Odds
1 in 139,838,160
Odds of Winning the Jackpot Superenalotto Jackpot Odds
1 in 622,614,630
Eurojackpot Draws Days
Tuesday and Friday
21:00 EET (20:00 CET)
Drawn Superenalotto Draws Days
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
20:00 CET

* When playing the SuperStar option

Play Eurojackpot

How to Play Eurojackpot

Eurojackpot can be played online or through an authorised retailer. Follow these simple steps on how to play:

Each entry into the draw consists of five main numbers from 1 to 50, and two Euro numbers from 1 to 12. Euro numbers are drawn from a separate ball machine, so it’s possible to have the same number as both a main number and Euro number.


Tickets cost €2 per entry and sales close at 19:00 CET on Tuesday and Friday.

Draws take place at 20:00 CET in Helsinki, Finland.

Match all five main numbers and both Euro numbers to win the jackpot. Prizes start from matching as few as three numbers.

If there are no jackpot winners in a draw, the jackpot amount is carried over to the next draw. The jackpot is limited to a maximum amount of €120 million. It remains at this level until it is won, with any excess funds that would have supplemented the jackpot being diverted into the next highest winning prize tier, most likely the Match 5 + 1 tier.

Eurojackpot Results

Eurojackpot Results

View the latest Eurojackpot results for Friday 24th May 2024.

Prizes and Odds

Prizes and Odds of Winning

The following table lists the prizes available and the odds of winning each prize:

Match Odds of Winning Lowest Ever Prize Amount [1] Highest Ever Prize Amount [1] Average Prize Amount Per Draw [1] Percentage of Prize Fund [2]
Match 5 + 2 Euro Numbers 1 in 139,838,160 €5,075,565.70 €120,000,000.00 €35,684,020.54 36.0%
Match 5 + 1 Euro Number 1 in 6,991,908 €67,214.20 €27,545,857.50 €917,192.90 8.6%
Match 5 1 in 3,107,515 €12,209.10 €1,058,678.00 €151,463.70 4.9%
Match 4 + 2 Euro Numbers 1 in 621,503 €875.70 €22,144.80 €4,866.14 0.8%
Match 4 + 1 Euro Number 1 in 31,075 €83.50 €530.10 €269.01 1.0%
Match 3 + 2 Euro Numbers 1 in 14,125 €21.70 €337.90 €93.11 1.1%
Match 4 1 in 13,811 €38.90 €202.10 €111.92 0.8%
Match 2 + 2 Euro Numbers 1 in 985 €10.50 €52.70 €22.42 2.6%
Match 3 + 1 Euro Number 1 in 706 €11.60 €29.20 €19.29 2.9%
Match 3 1 in 314 €9.10 €24.10 €15.68 5.4%
Match 1 + 2 Euro Numbers 1 in 188 €6.60 €22.40 €11.14 6.8%
Match 2 + 1 Euro Number 1 in 49 €6.20 €14.80 €8.64 20.3%
Overall odds of winning a prize: 1 in 32

[1] Lowest, highest and average prize amounts are calculated using results drawn between 23/03/2012 and 24/05/2024.

[2] The remaining 9% of the Eurojackpot prize fund goes into a Booster Fund, which is a reserve fund to guarantee the minimum jackpot of €10 million. If the Booster Fund exceeds €20 million, any extra money is diverted into the jackpot for the next draw.

If you have won a Eurojackpot prize, you have 90 days from the date of the draw to claim your prize.

History of Eurojackpot

History of Eurojackpot

These are the important events in Eurojackpot’s history that have helped shape the game into the lottery we know today.

  • March 2005

    The Origins Of Eurojackpot

    Following the success of EuroMillions, several countries begin developing a second continental lottery game. Six years on, and an agreement is reached between the nations, with the paperwork being signed in Helsinki, Finland.

  • 23rd March 2012

    The First Eurojackpot Draw

    On 23rd March 2012, the first Eurojackpot draw is held in Helsinki, with tickets being sold in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Slovenia. The game features a rollover limit of 12 and players choose five main numbers from 1 to 50 and two Euro numbers from 1 to 8.

  • 11th May 2012

    The First Jackpot Winner

    A German player claims €19.5 million in the draw on the 11th May 2012 to become the game’s first jackpot winner.

  • 30th June 2012

    Spain joins Eurojackpot

    Spain becomes the eighth country to join Eurojackpot.

  • 1st February 2013

    More Countries Join And The Jackpot Cap Is Introduced

    The number of participating countries increases to 14 as Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Croatia and Lithuania join the game. Further changes see the rollover limit of 12 removed in favour of a €90 million jackpot cap.

  • 10th October 2014

    More Euro Numbers And Participating Countries

    The number of Euro numbers increases from 8 to 10. There is also a rise in the number of participating countries as Czech Republic and Hungary join Eurojackpot.

  • 8th May 2015

    Eurojackpot Cap Reached

    The jackpot reaches its €90 million cap for the first time on the 8th May 2015, before being won in the following draw by a player from Czech Republic.

  • 9th October 2015

    Slovakia Joins Eurojackpot

    Slovakia becomes the 17th country to join Eurojackpot.

  • 14th October 2016

    Eurojackpot Cap Reached Again

    The €90 million jackpot cap is reached for the second time on the 14th October, as a player from the Black Forest area of Baden-Wurttemberg wins the jackpot.

  • 6th January 2017

    Eurojackpot Cap Reached Once More

    The jackpot reaches its €90 million cap for the third time on the 6th January, before being shared between five players; three from Germany, one from Denmark and another from the Netherlands. This is the first jackpot to be won by multiple ticket holders in the lottery’s history.

  • 9th September 2017

    Poland Joins Eurojackpot

    Poland becomes the 18th country to join Eurojackpot.

  • 25th March 2022

    Major Eurojackpot Changes

    The game introduces new rules to celebrate its 10-year anniversary and create even more excitement. A new Tuesday draw gives players the chance to play twice a week, while changes are also made to help generate bigger jackpots. The maximum prize goes up from €90 million to €120 million. Two more Euro numbers are added, making it 12 numbers to pick from instead of the previous 12.

  • 22nd July 2022

    Record Winner

    A Eurojackpot player from Denmark wins the top prize of €120 million, making history as the game’s biggest-ever winner. The jackpot had reached its maximum amount after 15 draws without a winner.

  • 6th March 2024

    Eurojackpot arrives in Greece

    Greece starts to sell Eurojackpot tickets, making it the 19th participating country.