SuperEnalotto WinBox

WinBox is a feature of SuperEnalotto that was launched in October 2021 to give players even more opportunities to win. It’s really easy to play and offers additional prizes of up to €500. You don’t even have to pay any extra money to take part.

How WinBox Works

You have to add the SuperStar option to your SuperEnalotto bet to play WinBox. Without SuperStar, you won’t be able to participate in WinBox.

Play online and you will automatically be entered into WinBox at no extra cost. If you buy a SuperEnalotto ticket with SuperStar from a store, entry into WinBox is still free, however it is not automatic. There are a couple of ways you can take part:

  • Use the SuperEnalotto app to scan the QR code on your game receipt
  • Enter the 22-digit code printed on your game receipt into the dedicated online webpage

If you’ve purchased your ticket in a store, you have to activate the WinBox feature before 19:30 on the day of the draw.

WinBox Prizes

There are three different ways to win prizes, in addition to the main SuperEnalotto with SuperStar game that you have entered. You could even end up getting a WinBox prize and SuperEnalotto prize on the same night. Here’s how you can win:

WinBox 1

A Magic Square (Quadrato Magico) is generated on your game receipt when you purchase a SuperEnalotto entry, containing four random numbers. If these four numbers match any four numbers that you have chosen for the main game (excluding SuperStar numbers), you win €25 immediately. If you have multiple entries on your ticket, you still win the prize even if all four numbers in the Magic Square exist across multiple lines.

Go to the Instant Win page for more information about how this works and the Magic Square that is generated on your ticket.

WinBox 2

This is where you will need to be online or on the app. You’ll see a digital animation of a spinning top and when it finishes you’ll find out if you’ve won a prize. The amounts you can win are €2, €20, €100 or €500.

Second Chance Draws

Even if you’ve missed out on an instant win and haven’t won a prize in the main SuperEnalotto draw, WinBox gives you one last chance. Go back online or on the app after the draw has taken place and you might discover you are a Second Chance winner. The prizes you can win in Second Chance draws are €3 and €50.

WinBox Odds

The number of winners of each amount varies from draw to draw. This is because a percentage of the total prize fund is allocated to WinBox, so the exact payouts cannot be determined in advance. The table below shows the odds of winning a prize in each category.

Category Odds of Winning
WinBox 1 1 in 3,000
WinBox 2 1 in 13
Second Chance 1 in 221

How to Claim a WinBox Prize

When you play at a retailer, you can either collect your WinBox prizes immediately or wait until after the main SuperEnalotto draw has taken place, in the event you also win a prize in the main draw.

For Second Chance prizes, you can claim them at a retailer or use the receipt from the SuperEnalotto app to credit your winnings directly to your online account.

If you play online, any prizes you win will be credited straight to your account.

You must claim any prizes within 90 days of the draw date, as with all SuperEnalotto prizes.

WinBox History

WinBox was introduced for the SuperEnalotto draw on 2nd October 2021. It was initially launched on an experimental basis, running until the end of November.