SuperEnalotto Tips

Take a look at these SuperEnalotto tips that could improve your chances of winning the jackpot.

Purchase More Entries

Purchase More Entries

It might seem obvious, but if you purchase two entries rather than one, you double your chances of winning the jackpot. Buy 100 entries and you’ve improved the chances of winning from 1 in 622,614,630 to 1 in 6,226,146. This is a tactic that is particularly suited to syndicates, which can play multiple entries whilst keeping the cost affordable for participating players.


Play in a Syndicate

Whether you create a syndicate or join a group through Sisal’s online syndicate system, both can increase your chances of winning without increasing the cost of playing, as the cost of purchasing multiple entries is shared between all participating players. However, if you win, it does mean you have to share the prize with the rest of the syndicate group.

System Entry

Play a System Entry

System entry methods make it easier to purchase multiple entries, increasing your chances of winning. Methods include the Integrated System, Multistella System, Reduced System and the Bases and Variants System.

View the Systems and Strategies page for more information.


Add SuperStar to Your Ticket

When you play SuperEnalotto without the SuperStar, your overall odds of winning one of the seven prizes available are 1 in 19. When you play SuperEnalotto with the SuperStar, your overall odds of winning a prize improve to 1 in 16, with 15 prizes available to win.

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Consecutive Draws

Play Consecutive Draws

If you regularly play the same numbers, you can use the subscription option to automatically enter them into up to 15 consecutive draws. This way you lessen the risk of forgetting to play and potentially missing the one time your lucky numbers are drawn.

Play Online

Play SuperEnalotto Online

There are many advantages to playing SuperEnalotto online rather than playing through an authorised retailer. Participating online allows you to choose your numbers at a time that suits you, and there’s no need to worry about losing your ticket, as entries are stored securely in your online account.

Playing online also means your ticket is automatically checked for you, and you are sent a notification email prompting you to check your online account when you win a prize.

However, if you do play at a retailer, then remember these important points:

Keep Your Tickets Safe

The responsibility of keeping a SuperEnalotto ticket safe and secure is entirely yours. You cannot claim a prize without the ticket, and if the slip is badly damaged it may not be accepted by lottery officials.

Once you have made your purchase, keep your ticket on your person before storing it in a secure location ahead of the draw. It is also worth signing the back of your ticket so no one else can claim your reward if you do lose it.

Promptly Check Your Numbers

Once the SuperEnalotto draw has taken place, make sure to check your numbers carefully. Every year, prizes go unclaimed because players did not check their numbers and claim within 90 days following the draw.

Don’t Forget to Claim Your Prize

If you win a prize, remember that you must collect the prize within 90 days of the date of the draw. Make sure you keep your ticket safe before taking it to the appropriate collection point, whether that is an authorised retailer or dedicated payment centre.

View the How to Claim page for more information.