SuperEnalotto Jolly

In addition to choosing six main SuperEnalotto numbers and an optional SuperStar, players have a further opportunity to win with the Jolly number. This allows players who match five winning numbers to increase the value of their prize.


How the Jolly Works

The Jolly number is drawn from the same pool as the main SuperEnalotto numbers. Players that match their six chosen numbers with five of the main numbers plus the Jolly win prizes in the dedicated “5+Jolly” prize tier, known as the “5+1”.

Unlike the SuperStar, players do not choose a Jolly number on their playslip. The Jolly is valid only when players match it along with five main numbers. There are no prizes awarded for matching the Jolly and four or fewer main numbers.

There is no additional cost for playing the Jolly number.

Jolly Prizes

Jolly Prizes

“5+1” prizes are always considerably bigger than the ones in the match 5 prize tier, and are usually worth hundreds of thousand euros. Additionally, if you have chosen to add the SuperStar option and you match both the Jolly and the SuperStar alongside five main numbers, you will receive a €1 million bonus on top of your “5+1” award.

The following table shows odds of winning and average prize amounts for players who match five main numbers alongside the Jolly or the Jolly and the SuperStar:

Match Odds of Winning Prize Average Prize Amount Per Draw [2]
5 + Jolly 1 in 103,769,105 5 + Jolly prize [1] €5,846,714.17
5 + Jolly + SuperStar 1 in 9,339,219,450 5 + Jolly Prize + €1 million [1] €6,846,714.17

[1] If there are multiple winners in this category, the prize stated is shared equally. In exceptional circumstances, if the value of prizes won exceeds both the prize pool and reserve fund, winnings may be lower than advertised.

[2] Average prize amounts calculated using results drawn between 07/07/2023 and 27/02/2024. These amounts are for information purposes only and are not indicative of future prize values.

Please see the Prizes, Odds of Winning and SuperStar pages for further information about what you can win playing SuperEnalotto.

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