Rescheduled SuperEnalotto Draws

Although SuperEnalotto is usually drawn on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings at 20:00 CET, draw dates will be rescheduled if they coincide with a public holiday.

The rescheduled SuperEnalotto draws for 2023 are shown below:

Original Draw Date New Draw Date Reason for Change
Tuesday 25th April Monday 24th April Liberation Day
Tuesday 15th August Monday 14th August Assumption Day
Tuesday 19th December Monday 18th December Christmas Day and St Stephen’s Day
Thursday 21st December Tuesday 19th December Christmas Day and St Stephen’s Day
Saturday 23rd December Thursday 21st December Christmas Day and St Stephen’s Day
Tuesday 26th December Saturday 23rd December Christmas Day and St Stephen’s Day

If a draw cannot be moved to the previous or following day without creating further clashes, a number of draws may have to be brought forward in order to accommodate an additional draw during a preceding week.

Alternatively, another draw may have to be pushed back. This can leave it where there are just two draws in a particular week, although there would then be four draws the following week. For example, in December 2023, four draws need to be brought forward so there is no clash with Christmas Day or St. Stephen’s Day.

Public Holidays

Public Holidays

These are the public holidays that can affect SuperEnalotto draw dates:

Date Public Holiday
1st January New Year’s Day (Capodanno)
6th January Epiphany (Epifania)
25th April Liberation Day (Festa della Liberazione)
1st May International Workers’ Day (Festa del Lavoro)
2nd June Republic Day (Festa della Repubblica)
15th August Assumption Day (Ferragosto)
1st November All Saints’ Day (Ognissanti)
8th December Immaculate Conception (Immacolata)
25th December Christmas Day (Natale)
26th December St. Stephen’s Day/Boxing Day (Il giorno di Santo Stefano)