SuperEnalotto SuperStar

SuperStar is an optional number that can be selected in addition to your six main numbers, giving you more chances to win bigger prizes. The SuperStar option costs an extra €0.50 per entry, and increases the number of prizes that can be won from 7 to 15. The SuperStar is selected from a separate ball machine ranging from 1 to 90.


How SuperStar Works

When completing a playslip for SuperEnalotto, you have the opportunity to select a SuperStar number for an additional fee of €0.50 (per entry). The SuperStar is drawn from a separate ball machine with numbers ranging from 1 to 90. This means it is possible to select the same number as both a main number and a SuperStar number. Alternatively, you can opt to have the SuperStar number chosen at random using the Hidden SuperStar (SuperStar Nascosto) option or the various Quick Pick methods available.


On the night of a draw, once the six main SuperEnalotto numbers and the Jolly have been drawn from the first ball machine, the SuperStar is drawn from the second ball machine.

If you play the SuperStar option and match it, you are guaranteed to have won a prize.

SuperStar Prizes

SuperStar Prizes

SuperStar prizes start at a minimum of €5 for matching just the SuperStar number, and increase in value depending on how many main SuperEnalotto numbers you match.

If you match all six SuperEnalotto numbers and the SuperStar, you will receive an extra €2 million in addition to the jackpot advertised. If you match five main numbers, the Jolly and the SuperStar, you will receive an extra €1 million in addition to the Match 5 + SuperStar prize advertised. These two prizes are known as the SuperBonus prizes.

The following table lists all of the prizes available when playing the SuperStar option:

Match Odds of Winning Prize Average Prize Amount Per Draw [2] Percentage of SuperStar Prize Fund [3]
6 + SuperStar 1 in 56,035,316,700 Jackpot + €2 million [1] €57,517,567.34 See Citation [3]
5 + Jolly + SuperStar 1 in 9,339,219,450 Prize + €1 million [1] €5,521,604.42 See Citation [3]
5 + SuperStar 1 in 112,520,716 25 times the Match 5 prize [1] €621,204.79 2.9%
4 + SuperStar 1 in 1,071,626 100 times the Match 4 prize [1] €36,088.94 11.6%
3 + SuperStar 1 in 29,404 100 times the Match 3 prize [1] €2,758.68 35.4%
2 + SuperStar 1 in 1,936 €100 €100 21.4%
1 + SuperStar 1 in 303 €10 €10 13.7%
0 + SuperStar 1 in 138 €5 €5 15%
Overall odds of winning a SuperStar prize: 1 in 90

[1] If there are multiple winners in this category, the prize stated is shared equally. In exceptional circumstances, if the value of prizes won exceeds both the prize pool and reserve fund, winnings may be lower than advertised.

[2] Average prize amounts calculated using results drawn between 07/07/2023 and 25/05/2024. These amounts are for information purposes only and are not indicative of future prize values.

[3] The SuperStar prize fund is 60% of the revenue collected from SuperStar-specific ticket sales, distributed in the same way as that of the main game. However, as SuperStar prizes are either fixed amounts or multiples of the main SuperEnalotto prizes, the amount paid out will often differ from the amount collected in ticket sales. If the total paid out in prizes is less than 60% of ticket sales, the remainder goes into a reserve fund to supplement prizes won in future draws when the total paid out exceeds 60%.

In exceptional circumstances, if the value of SuperStar prizes won in a draw exceeds both the prize fund and reserve fund, regulations state that the SuperStar prize fund is distributed in the following manner:

Match Prize*
6 + SuperStar Match 6 Prize + €2 million*
5 + Jolly + SuperStar Match 5 + Jolly Prize + €1 million*
5 + SuperStar Match 5 Prize + 2.9% SuperStar Prize Fund
4 + SuperStar Match 4 Prize + 11.6% SuperStar Prize Fund
3 + SuperStar Match 3 Prize + 35.4% SuperStar Prize Fund
2 + SuperStar Match 2 Prize + 21.4% SuperStar Prize Fund
1 + SuperStar 13.7% SuperStar Prize Fund
0 + SuperStar 15% SuperStar Prize Fund

* Following the draw, any fixed prize amounts won are paid from the prize fund, then the remaining amount is divided according to the percentages listed.