SuperEnalotto Raffle

The SuperEnalotto Raffle is a special draw in which multiple guaranteed prizes are paid out to players who match a code on their ticket with one of those drawn on the night. SuperEnalotto Raffle draws are held on occasions throughout the year, usually around the same time as a major public holiday such as Easter or Christmas.

Total SuperEnalotto Raffle Codes Drawn
Number of Draws
Total in Prizes
Number of Codes


Draw DateEventRaffles Codes DrawnAdditional Information
Saturday 22nd December 2018Natale 100x100100 x €100,000This draw was held to mark Christmas.
Monday 4th June 2018Stivale Milionario10x €1 millionThis draw took place to celebrate the Italian Republic Day.
Saturday 31st March 2018Pasqua 100x100100x €100,000This draw took place to celebrate Easter.
Saturday 23rd December 201720 Nababbi a Natale20x €1 millionThis was called to mark 20 years since SuperEnalotto launched and to coincide with Christmas.
Saturday 15th April 2017Pasqua Milionaria30x €1 millionThis was the first ever SuperEnalotto Raffle draw which took place to celebrate Easter.

How to Play the SuperEnalotto Raffle

To qualify for the SuperEnalotto Raffle draw, you need to purchase a SuperEnalotto ticket with the SuperStar option, valid for the promotional draw date advertised. For each qualifying line you purchase that is entered into the draw, a unique code is generated on your ticket, usually consisting of 12 characters, followed by a hyphen and a number (for example 1234A56B7890-1).

To win one of the guaranteed prizes, your code has to match all of the characters in the order they appear. A partial match does not win a prize.

As the two games are played separately, it is possible to win a prize in both the main SuperEnalotto game and SuperEnalotto Raffle, so you are advised to check your tickets carefully.

The odds of winning the SuperEnalotto Raffle draw vary depending on the number of valid entries submitted into the draw and the number of guaranteed prizes on offer. For example, if one million valid tickets were entered into a raffle draw offering 20 guaranteed prizes, players would have a 1 in 50,000 chance of winning a raffle prize. If two million valid tickets were entered into a raffle draw offering 20 guaranteed prizes, players would then have a 1 in 100,000 chance of winning a raffle prize.

How to Claim

How to Claim a SuperEnalotto Raffle Prize

If you have won a SuperEnalotto Raffle prize, then you need to claim within 90 days of the draw date, as per SuperEnalotto rules. View the How to Claim page for more information.