Dreams and Numbers

Many people dream of winning the lottery, but can the subject of your dreams help you to decide which numbers to play and perhaps even help you to win the SuperEnalotto jackpot? Many lucky lottery players from around the world have told stories about how their winning numbers came to them in a dream, so what might be the secret to interpreting your own night time thoughts and images?

La Smorfia

La Smorfia

The ancient theory of La Smorfia suggests that anything we dream about – people, objects and events – can be analysed and converted into numbers. Lottery players can use this technique to work out which numbers they should select, simply by remembering their dreams and then checking which numbers they correspond to. For example, if you dream about a pig, La Smorfia says that relates to the number four. Go to the La Smorfia page for more information.

How Dreams can be Analysed

The interpretation of dreams has been a source of major debate for centuries. While some researchers argue that they are merely the product of the sleeping brain’s nonsensical activities, various studies have shown the importance of REM sleep (when dreams occur) on long-term health. Many psychologists have also speculated on the hidden meanings of dreams, ever since Sigmund Freud proposed that the unconscious mind had more of an influence on behaviour than most people suspect, and that dreams were a type of wish fulfilment. It is believed in many quarters that dreams help people to deal with their emotions, process the events of the previous day and possibly even come up with solutions to problems.

It may be that you have a recurring dream, or that the same pattern keeps emerging in a series of dreams, for example if you find yourself in a different situation each time and yet for some reason there is always a snake slithering on the floor. Analysts can help you to understand the real meaning of these dreams.

If you are a lottery player looking for guidance over which numbers to select, you can discover whether the objects you dream about relate to specific numbers and apply the information accordingly. Alternatively, you can try to remember how many items you see in your dream. For example, if you dream about a car race involving four vehicles, you might decide to pick the number four as your SuperStar.

Numbers in Dreams

Numbers in Dreams

The power of numbers in dreams has also been discussed at length. The number one, for instance, could be considered a sign of confidence as you might think of yourself as a winner in some regard, finishing first in a competition. From a lottery player’s perspective, it may therefore signify that you should play because you could win. A number will often stand out in a dream and this could be taken as a sign that you should use it on SuperEnalotto. For example, if you count sheep in your dreams and remember that you reached the number 364, you could take that number and break it down to use 3, 4, 6, 36 and 64 in your SuperEnalotto selection.

Lottery Winners and Dreams

When asked to explain why they chose their winning numbers, many lucky lottery players have revealed they were inspired by a dream. The Smith family from New Jersey, who won a US Powerball jackpot of $429 million in 2016, said that the combination had come to their mother whilst she was asleep. Likewise, Pakistani migrant Ihsanullah Khan living in Washington won $55 million on Powerball in 2001 with numbers he had dreamed about 15 years earlier. Khan later returned back to Pakistan after his win and used his money to help people following a devastating earthquake in 2005, flying in medical supplies, personnel and food.