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    • Tuesday 21st November
    • €61,500,000
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How to Play SuperEnalotto

To play SuperEnalotto, you must select 6 numbers between 1 and 90 for each entry that you wish to make. Every SuperEnalotto line you play costs €1 and you can win a prize by matching anything from two balls upwards, with the multimillion-Euro jackpot claimed by matching all six main numbers drawn. You could also win an instant prize, starting from €25 at the time you buy your ticket, as 8.4 percent of the prize pool for every draw is dedicated to these fun rewards.

SuperEnalotto draws take place at 8pm on Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday and six main numbers and one 'Jolly' number are selected at random. The Jolly number is very similar to the Bonus Ball in UK Lotto, helping players win a bigger prize when matched alongside five main numbers.

If no player wins the jackpot, then its value is added to the jackpot fund for the next SuperEnalotto draw.

SuperEnalotto Entries


SuperJackpot is a multiple entry SuperEnalotto ticket and comes in two different forms. The €5 version provides five entries into the draw, with odds of winning any prize set at one in five when the main draw and instant prizes are combined. Players who take the €10 option receive ten lines and stand a one in three chance of winning one of the awards.


The most effective way of increasing your chances of winning a lottery prize is to enter several lines, and SuperEnalotto makes doing that incredibly easy. Instead of selecting six numbers from 90, you can choose to select seven, eight, nine or more numbers. Every combination of six balls within the numbers chosen is played using this method. For example, selecting seven numbers would produce seven lots of six, whilst selecting eight produces 28 possible combinations.

This is called an Integrated system and works well for syndicates who boast greater spending power than individuals. If you match just two numbers you know that you will win multiple prizes and matching more can make this method of play very profitable, whilst increasing your chances of hitting the jackpot.

A cheaper alternative is the ‘Reduced’ system, which allows SuperEnalotto players to select more than six numbers, but it doesn’t guarantee that a jackpot prize will be won even if the numbers entered include all six of those drawn. Instead, various lower-level guarantees are given, and the level of guarantee depends on the type of Reduced system that is chosen. For example:

  • A G5 entry guarantees that if 6 numbers are matched, at least 5 will line up.
  • A G4 entry guarantees that if 6 numbers are matched, at least 4 will line up.
  • A G3 entry guarantees that if 6 numbers are matched, at least 3 will line up.

The lower the guarantee, the less expensive the SuperEnalotto Reduced system entry costs to play.


For an extra €0.50 per line you can add SuperStar to your ticket, offering vastly increased payouts if matched alongside a winning combination in the main game and allowing players who match one or no main numbers to win a prize. The SuperStar number is drawn by a separate machine, so it is possible for the SuperStar to be the same as one of the main SuperEnalotto numbers.

Special SuperEnalotto Draws

Occasionally SuperEnalotto holds a raffle with guaranteed prizes of €1 million on offer. Find out more at the SuperEnalotto Raffle page.