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SuperEnalotto Results iPhone Help

Thank you for using the SuperEnalotto.net lottery results checking application. You can use this app to view the very latest results, browse an archive of past results dating back to 1997 and even check your tickets to see how many numbers you have may have matched.

App Features:

  • Displays the latest SuperEnalotto lottery results and prize draw information
  • Check your ticket against the last 180 days' draws to see if you have matched any numbers
  • Generate random lottery numbers (provids an alternative to lucky dip tickets)
  • Access to the SuperEnalotto results archive containing all results since 1997

How to view the latest SuperEnalotto lottery results

Upon running the app, the latest 5 SuperEnalotto results are automatically displayed after the splash screen. To view prize breakdown information tap a set of numbers.

How do I check my ticket?

  • Press "Checker" on the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen
  • Tap the numbers from your ticket from the grid
  • Once all required numbers have been selected, tap the "Check My Ticket" button
  • Your numbers are shown at the top of the screen with draw results beneath, text above each draw confirms how many balls were matched
  • Scroll down to view more draw results
  • Select "Show More Results" if you need to view older draws

How to generate random numbers

  • Press the "Generator" tab on the navigation bar
  • A random ticket will be displayed
  • Tap the "Generate Ticket" button to create another random ticket
  • Your random ticket is saved in the phone until you select to generate a new random ticket

How to view archive results

  • Press the "Archive" tab on the navigation bar
  • Select the year you want to check
  • Use the "Back" and "Next" buttons to browse through results drawn in that year