17th January, 2011 Superenalotto News

17th January, 2011 Superenalotto News

This week resulted in lots of winners of the 3, 4, and 5 match variety but nobody managed to get their hands on the top prize. The good news is that this ensures a really big jackpot in the coming week. The lottery results for the previous week were as follows:

On Tuesday January 11, 2011, the winning numbers in the Superenalotto draw were 12-13-31-69-71-77. The Jolly Number was 49 and the Superstar number was 18. The number 12 has been a very popular over the past few weeks. It has appeared three times in the month of January. On this week 64,905 players each matched three numbers. While the €15.03 they won is not a fortune, it is also nothing to sneeze at either. 1,878 matched four numbers and won €259.78. A total of 23 people managed to match 5 numbers. This accomplishment earned them €21,212.

On Thursday January 13, 2011 the winning was not as big as it was a mere seven days previous. The numbers for this draw were 15-17-34-59-83-86. The Jolly Number was 23 and the Superstar number was 49. This is the second time in a week that 49 has been drawn as one of the special numbers. On January 11th it was the Jolly Number. 47,579 players matched three numbers and won the amount of€20.27. 1,251 people had a total of four numbers and added €385.61 to their bank accounts. 9 players matched five numbers and won came away from the draw with €53,600.

On Saturday January 15, 2011, the winning numbers were 5-8-37-77-79-90. The Jolly Number was 9 and the Superstar number was 63. A grand total of 87,501 players matched three of the drawn numbers. This gave each of the winners the sum of €13.64. 2,292 matched four numbers for a total of €260.42. 16 people matched five numbers. These resulted in a bump of €37,306. 1 person was lucky enough to match five numbers along with the jolly number. This earned them €795,861.

The next SuperEnalotto drawing will be Tuesday January 18, 2011. The jackpot for this drawing will be over €6,200,000 Euros.

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