28th February, 2011 Superenalotto News

28th February, 2011 Superenalotto News

Another week of the SuperEnalotto, another week without a huge jackpot winner which means another week of the Italian Lottery jackpot getting even bigger! Of course, that doesn’t mean players went empty-handed because we have a lot of 3, 4, and 5 number winners from last week:

On Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011, the winning numbers were 2-3-38-42-56-74. The Jolly number was 23, and the SuperStar number was 88. This marks the third time that 88 has been either a Jolly or SuperStar number in February. In regards to the results (Read more) and winners, 55,641 people matched three numbers to win €16.66, while 1,517 players matched four numbers to win a €305.57 prize. There were 11 players who matched five numbers to collect a €42,142 prize.

On Thursday, February 24th, 2011, the winning numbers were 2-25-50-63-76-85. The Jolly number came up 77, while the SuperStar number was 74. The number 25 was very hot in February since it was drawn five times. There were 47,773 three number winners who won a €19.08 prize, and 1,204 players chose four correct numbers to earn €378.56. The 5-number prize turned out to be quite large at €65,114 because only 7 players picked the right numbers.

On Saturday, February 26th, 2011, the winning lottery digits were 16-18-20-26-32-35. The Jolly number was 8, and the SuperStar number was 11. As was the case last week, there weren’t really many significant February numbers from this drawing. As far as three number winners went, 62,791 people cashed for a €18.37 prize. 1,823 players matched four numbers to win a €316.42 payout, and 20 players matched five numbers and hauled in €28,843. Unfortunately, this was the lowest five-number prize because so many people matched this amount of numbers.

The next SuperEnalotto drawing will be held on Tuesday, March 1st, 2011, and the jackpot will be worth €24,000,000. This is a great time to play because you would be rich beyond your wildest dreams after winning!

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