30th May, 2011 SuperEnalotto News

30th May, 2011 SuperEnalotto News

The last seven days has brought a big jump in the SuperEnalotto jackpot after another series of rollovers. After Saturday night’s draw rolled over, the jackpot has reached €26.5 million and now it’s climbing fast.

No players matched the top prize on Saturday night and the second tier went unclaimed too. The winning numbers from Saturday’s SuperEnalotto draw are 15, 16, 79, 80, 84 and 88; the Jolly Ball is 83.

With both top tiers of prizes going unclaimed, the biggest prize winner on Saturday collected €63,449 for matching just five main numbers out of six. Players matching four main balls collected €390 and bottom tier, match three players collected a consolatory €20.71.

The next SuperEnalotto draw takes place on Tuesday evening and will be the 65th Italian Lottery draw of 2011, in that time many big jackpots have been won, but none as high as the €177 million won late last year.

The higher the SuperEnalotto jackpot gets, the higher it’s likely to climb. Over the last three draws the SuperEnalotto jackpot has risen by €3 million, that’s €1 million per draw, a trend that is only likely to see jackpots climb more steeply as each SuperEnalotto draw goes by without a jackpot winner.

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