8th March, 2011 Superenalotto News

8th March, 2011 Superenalotto News

The SuperEnalotto jackpot continues to grow because nobody has managed to match 6 numbers within the last few months whilst playing the Italian Lottery. And while we have no jackpot winners to report this does means the jackpots continues to rollover, here are some of the other winners and results from last week:

On Tuesday, March 1st, 2011, the month kicked off with winning numbers of 9-32-42-55-71-90. The Jolly number was 86, and the SuperStar number was 31. In all, there were 58,282 three numbers winners who earned €15.87. A total of 1,542 players matched four numbers for a €300.14 payout, and 16 players matched five numbers earn a €28,926 prize.

On Thursday, March 3rd, 2011, the winning numbers were 12-41-64-75-82-84; the Jolly number was 34, and the SuperStar number was 29. Up to this point, no numbers have been drawn twice yet. 43,179 people managed to match three numbers and win a €21.61 prize. There were 1,310 players who got four numbers correct to earn €412.99, while a total of 12 players matched five numbers to win a big €38,890 prize.

On Saturday, March 5th, 2011, the winning lottery numbers turned up 3-12-38-50-54-55. The Jolly number was 19, while the SuperStar number was 74. With this set of numbers, 12 and 55 have now been drawn twice this month. There was a large amount of three number winners in this drawing since 76,881 players won a €15.19 prize. 1,805 players correctly picked four numbers to earn a €323.57 payout, and 12 people matched five numbers to win €48,671. This turned out to be the largest five-number payout of the week.

The next SuperEnalotto drawing is going to take place tonight, and the jackpot will be €27,000,000. With the jackpot growing bigger and bigger every week, this is one of the best times in SuperEnalotto history to be playing!

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