Big Prizes to be Won on SuperEnalotto

Big Prizes to be Won on SuperEnalotto

SuperEnalotto fans in Italy and across the world will have €19.4 million to play for tonight after no one could match all six main numbers on Saturday 3rd October. However, there were more than 67,000 winners in that draw, including one player who pocketed a massive €994,951 for matching five main numbers and the Superstar.

The numbers drawn on Saturday were 2, 4, 14, 31, 43 and 61 with Jolly 11 and Superstar 42. Other prizes banked on the night ranged from €5 for matching just the Superstar up to €39,798 for matching five main balls on their own. If you want to see the full prize breakdown from the draw, click on the Results page.

Tonight’s eight-figure jackpot is the result of 34 rollovers since a ticket holder picked up €21.8 million on Thursday 16th July. Claiming tonight’s windfall would make you the fifth SuperEnalotto winner of the year but, even if you don’t manage to bank the big one, there are a large amount of impressive cash prizes distributed in every draw. Even without matching all six main numbers you could claim enough to buy a couple of new cars, pay off a significant chunk of your mortgage, or even purchase a new house outright!

SuperEnalotto tickets are available from authorised retailers across Italy, but you can also play online from around the world, thanks to a lottery concierge service. Simply visit the Buy Tickets section to find out how you can grab your piece of the exciting SuperEnalotto action. Good luck!

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Last Updated: Thursday 8 March, 2018 at 09:28
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