Celebrate the SuperEnalottos 15th Birthday With SuperVincitore

Celebrate the SuperEnalottos 15th Birthday With SuperVincitore

The SuperEnalotto celebrates its 15th birthday this year, and to celebrate its anniversary it is giving players an extra chance to win a fantastic prize when they play the SuperStar on the SuperEnalotto! From now until 16th April 2013, players who purchase the SuperStar number in addition to their regular line of numbers will be entered into an automatic prize draw named the SuperVincitore to win €500,000. To find out how to play, read on!

The SuperStar can be purchased in every draw alongside your SuperEnalotto numbers, and matching this extra number gives players the chance to win bigger and better cash prizes. The SuperStar is drawn from a separate machine to the main numbers and is chosen from a pool of 1 – 90. Should players match three, four or five numbers and the SuperStar, they will see their cash prize multiplied and substantially increased, and matching it alongside zero, one or two main numbers will turn your losing ticket into a winning one!

From now until 16th April 2013, all players who purchase a SuperStar will see a raffle code generated, called the SuperVincitore. One code at random will be selected after each draw has taken place to win an amazing €500,000! That’s three extra prizes of €500,000 per week on offer to win! All you have to do is play the SuperStar and who knows – even if you do not match a single SuperEnalotto number, with the SuperVincitore you could still win a big prize!

The SuperVincitore came into play on 21st February 2013, so players; check your tickets against the previous results now to see if you are already a winner!

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