Changes to SuperEnalotto Coming in Early 2016

Changes to SuperEnalotto Coming in Early 2016

Winning a prize on SuperEnalotto could become much easier due to the announcement of a new prize tier alongside other changes to the operation of the game. Pier Carlo Padoan, the Minister of Economy and Finances, signed a decree this week giving lottery officials the ability to move forward with a number of proposed alterations, which would be the first such revisions made since the game made its debut 18 years ago.

Starting from early next year, fans of the game could win a prize for matching just two main numbers in a SuperEnalotto draw. As reported in Il Messaggero, simulations have demonstrated that matching just two numbers alone will see players win between €3 and €5 in a given game - essentially, the return on the money they invested in tickets.

The current format of SuperEnalotto does not award prizes for matching fewer than three numbers in the main game, although players can pick up rewards for matching one or two main numbers if they also match the supplementary SuperStar in a draw. Matching the SuperStar alone currently nets a player €5. The changes will give players in the main game the opportunity to win a similar amount of money without paying an additional fee for the extra option on their entry.

Players will also have the chance to buy just one SuperEnalotto ticket as opposed to the current minimum purchase of two lines. However, the price per line will increase from €0.50 to €1 if the changes are approved.

Finally, the amount of revenue allocated to the prize fund will increase from 42% to 60%, while the money received by the Department of the Treasury from ticket sales will decrease from 50% to 28%.

While players will be looking forward to the prospect of an additional prize tier, no official date has been set for the proposed changes. The decree signed by Padoan will soon go before the Court of Auditors for examination, which will be followed by its official publication by the Agency of Customs and Monopolies.

If no issues arise during this process, then lottery officials can expect to start moving forward with changes to SuperEnalotto in December by removing old tickets and changing software in terminals across the country as they prepare to declare a date for the first draw of the revamped game.

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