Fans Excited for Sensational SuperEnalotto Christmas Raffle

Fans Excited for Sensational SuperEnalotto Christmas Raffle

SuperEnalotto fans across Italy and around the world are preparing themselves for this weekend’s SuperEnalotto Christmas Raffle draw. The annual event will take place on Saturday 23rd December and guarantees to crown 20 brand new millionaires ahead of the festivities.

What is the SuperEnalotto Christmas Raffle?

The SuperEnalotto Christmas Raffle, referred to in Italy as 20 Nababbi a Natale, is a special draw that offers participants the opportunity to win fabulous amounts of money. Part of the Raffle series, which includes the Easter Raffle, the game requires players to purchase a ticket ahead of the 154th SuperEnalotto draw of the year featuring the SuperStar option in order to be eligible for the event. 

Alternatively, players can buy official Sisal gift cards from authorised retailers, with a €3 card offering two lines for the main SuperEnalotto and SuperStar draw and two raffle entries, while a €6 card grants four entries into Saturday’s events.

How Does the SuperEnalotto Christmas Raffle Work?

Following the conclusion of the main SuperEnalotto draw on Saturday 23rd December, a second raffle-style draw will take place in which 20 codes are randomly selected. Only codes that have entered the draw will be eligible to win, so the prizes on offer are guaranteed to be won. 

There is a total prize pot of €20 million up for grabs, meaning each winning code draw will receive a prize of €1 million. As the number of entrants are not known until the draw takes place, lottery officials are unable to confirm the odds of winning.

Once the draw has been made, head to the SuperEnalotto Raffle page to view the latest results and find out if you are a winner.

Don’t Forget About the Jackpot

With just one more draw scheduled to take place before Saturday’s extravaganza, tonight provides you with one last chance to win big before you are able to celebrate the Christmas Raffle. The jackpot currently stands at €75 million, so don’t delay and pick your numbers online or play through an authorised retailer now! Good luck!

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