Highest Secondary Tier Prize on Superenalotto For Two Months

Highest Secondary Tier Prize on Superenalotto For Two Months

Although the Superenalotto jackpot has not been won now since 30th August 2012, it does not mean that people are not still winning on this popular lottery! Indeed, the Superenalotto maintains its popularity as the secondary tier prizes have such potential, with prizes for matching five numbers plus the Jolly frequently being in the hundreds of thousands. The recent draw on Tuesday 9th October 2012 saw the highest secondary tier prize for some time, which will undoubtedly be making one winner very happy indeed.

The prize won was an impressive €394,616, which is the highest secondary tier prize seen on the Superenalotto since the start of August, when one player won €452,161. However, this kind of prize is not a rare occurrence, with the draw on 18th September 2012 also providing one lucky winner with €393,234.

The Superenalotto prizes vary so much as it is a pari-mutuel lottery, which means the prizes on offer are made up of a proportion of the ticket sales. Plus, if either the jackpot or the next prize tier down is not won, the total prize money for that draw will roll over to the next one – which explains how sometimes we can see big Match five and the Jolly prizes.

For more information on how the Superenalotto prize tiers are distributed, see the page on Superenalotto Winners. Plus, with an estimated jackpot for the upcoming draw tonight of €13.1 million, don’t forget to get your tickets in plenty of time for the draw.

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