How Does the Jolly Number Work in SuperEnalotto?

How Does the Jolly Number Work in SuperEnalotto?

The latest SuperEnalotto draw on Thursday 16th August saw 34 players match five of the main numbers. While 31 of these winners snapped up €4,313 each, the other three ticket holders also matched the Jolly number to increase their individual payout to an impressive €137,956. But what is the Jolly number, how does it work and why isn’t it included on a ticket?

Why Is There No Jolly On A SuperEnalotto Ticket?

The Jolly only comes into play if you match five of the six main balls, and it is intended to give you another chance to win a big prize. There is no need to select a seventh main number on your ticket as the Jolly is drawn from the 84 balls left in the machine after the six main numbers have come out.

Any of the numbers on your ticket can be used to match the Jolly if the other five match the main numbers. In the latest draw, for example, the three big winners matched five of the six main numbers - 2, 10, 12, 21, 22 and 50. The only number left on their ticket was 3, and when that was drawn as the Jolly their prize increased considerably.

How Is The Jolly Different To the SuperStar?

The SuperStar is drawn from a different set of 90 numbers. You have to opt in to play SuperStar, pay a small additional fee and then choose an extra number. The same number can appear as the SuperStar and one of the main numbers, just like on Tuesday when 83 was drawn from both machines. This cannot happen with the Jolly number.

The Jolly only applies if you have matched five main numbers. There is no prize for ‘Match 4 + Jolly’, ‘Match 3 + Jolly’, and so on, unlike the SuperStar which provides extra ways to win, right down to just matching the SuperStar on its own.

Prizes & Odds For Matching the Jolly

The odds of matching five main numbers plus the Jolly are 1 in 1,250,230, far longer than the chances of winning in the ‘Match 5’ tier at 1 in 102,769,105. However, 14% of the prize fund is reserved for the ‘Match 5 + Jolly’ division, whereas just 4.2% is allocated to players who match five main numbers. There are usually far fewer who match the Jolly along with their five numbers so the average prize amount per draw is far greater.

If you match five main numbers, the Jolly and the SuperStar, you win an extra €1 milion. Go to the Jolly page for more information about how this number works.

Where Did The Latest Big Jolly Winners Come From?

The big winners on Thursday bought their tickets in Foggia, Naples and Bergamo. Nobody was able to claim the SuperEnalotto jackpot, which will now grow to €27.6 million for the next draw on Saturday. You can play by visiting any authorised retailer or taking part online.

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