How Does the SuperEnalotto Easter Raffle Work?

How Does the SuperEnalotto Easter Raffle Work?

The sixth SuperEnalotto Raffle is soon at hand; the Raffle was announced earlier this year, and is set to take place on April 20th. How does the SuperEnalotto Raffle work, and how do you win?

Formally known in Italy as the Pasqua 100x100, the Raffle guarantees that 100 lucky winners will each receive a €100,000 prize. Since the first SuperEnalotto Raffle in 2017, €80 million in prizes has been awarded, over 260 winning tickets. Here’s everything you need to know about the SuperEnalotto Raffle.

What is the SuperEnalotto Raffle?

The SuperEnalotto Raffle is a special draw, played alongside SuperEnalotto; unique codes are printed on eligible SuperEnalotto tickets, which, if matched, entitle you to €100,000! The Raffle was introduced on the 15th April 2017, as a celebration of Easter. The Raffle has been held on public holidays and special occasions regularly since then, including Christmas and Italian Republic Day.

The prizes have changed from game to game, with the first Christmas Raffle offering 20 guaranteed prizes of €1 million to coincide with 20 years of SuperEnalotto. The most recent Raffle was held on Saturday 22nd December, and offered 100 guaranteed prizes of €100,000. The SuperEnalotto Raffle is held on the same day as a conventional SuperEnalotto draw, and played alongside - meaning you could feasibly win prizes in both games!

How Do You Play the SuperEnalotto Raffle?

To play the SuperEnalotto Raffle, all you have to do is buy a SuperEnalotto ticket for the date of the Raffle, with the SuperStar option included. For each line you buy, you’re given a unique 12-character code on your ticket, consisting of letters and numbers (for example, 1234A56B7890-1). Aside from buying the €1.50 SuperEnalotto ticket with SuperStar, you can also buy gift cards for €3 or €6 – entitling you to two lines for the main lottery and two raffle codes, and four lines and four raffle codes respectively.

In order to win one of the €100,000 prizes, your code must match entirely with one of the 100 codes announced on the day of the draw – in this case, the 20th April. You won’t be eligible for a prize if you only match some of the code.

If you do become one of 100 lucky winners, you must stake your claim to the €100,000 prize within 90 days of winning – otherwise, you’ll no longer be able to claim your winnings.

What Are the Odds of the SuperEnalotto Raffle?

The odds of the SuperEnalotto Raffle vary, depending on the number of entries into the raffle. There are 100 guaranteed prizes in the 20th April SuperEnalotto Raffle – so if there were 5 million entries into the Raffle, each entry would have a 1 in 50,000 chance of winning a prize. If there were 12 million entries, the odds per entry would be 1 in 120,000.

Can You Play the SuperEnalotto Raffle Online?

If you live in Italy, you can play the SuperEnalotto Raffle by buying a SuperEnalotto ticket from a licensed retailer, or playing online. You won’t be able to take part in the Raffle if you don’t reside in Italy.

However, the Raffle isn’t your only way of winning a prize with SuperEnalotto, even if you live outside of Italy! You can join in on the main draw by choosing your numbers online. While you may not be eligible for the Raffle draw, you could have a chance at winning the €136.7 million jackpot – with no chance of missing the draw, or losing your ticket.

Learn more about the SuperEnalotto Raffle, or SuperEnalotto by checking out some Frequently Asked Questions.

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