How High Can the SuperEnalotto Jackpot Roll?

How High Can the SuperEnalotto Jackpot Roll?

Following a rollover on Tuesday 9th January, the SuperEnalotto jackpot hit €83.5 million, confirming its position as the eighth-largest in the history of the game. Although it is still some way from the record SuperEnalotto payout of €177.7 million, with a greater share of the ticket receipts funding the prize pool nowadays, how high can the SuperEnalotto jackpot roll?

Current SuperEnalotto Jackpot

The current SuperEnalotto jackpot is the result of a run of rollovers stretching back to Tuesday 1st August 2017, when a player from Caorle in Veneto matched all six main numbers to claim a €77.7 million bounty. No one has been able to crack the jackpot since, and the top prize has stormed past the sum collected by the winner in the tourist town near Venice last year.

SuperEnalotto fans have the distinction of playing for the world’s biggest lottery jackpot this week, with European rivals EuroMillions and Eurojackpot lagging behind on €50 million and €54 million respectively. In the US, after a big winning weekend the two big multistate games, Powerball and Mega Millions, stand at $40 million (€33.5 million) and $45 million (€37 million).

Jackpot Caps and Rollover Limits

The good news for SuperEnalotto fans is that there is no limit to how high the jackpot can grow. Eurojackpot is capped at €90 million and EuroMillions can go no higher than €190 million, but the Italian lottery keeps going until someone wins it. This policy has seen five prizes of more than €100 million paid out in the 20 years since SuperEnalotto began, a situation unheard of in any other single-state lottery in Europe. Find details of the game’s biggest prizes at the Winners page.

Whereas France’s Loto game can only roll 34 times before it must be won, there is no such restriction on SuperEnalotto. In fact, before a ticket holder from Vibo Valentia in Calabria pocketed €165.5 million for matching all six main numbers and the SuperStar on 27th October 2016, the top prize rolled a record total of 200 times.

How High Will the Jackpot Grow?

There is every chance that the current SuperEnalotto jackpot could challenge the biggest in the lottery’s history. Changes to the game in January 2016 saw the cost of a line double to €1 and the allocation of cash to the prize fund grow from 34.65% to 60%. The aim was to make the jackpot grow more quickly, and it currently jumps by around €1 million with each rollover.

As the jackpot grows higher and piques the interest of even more players, the top prize should climb even faster. However, it can be stopped at any time and, if you fancy your chances, you can buy SuperEnalotto tickets at retailers across Italy, or simply pick your numbers online now. Good luck!

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