How to Pick Your SuperEnalotto Numbers

How to Pick Your SuperEnalotto Numbers

It is the dream of every SuperEnalotto ticket holder to scoop a monumental jackpot with a sum of money so large that they could purchase everything they’ve ever desired. When it comes to selecting numbers, everyone has a tactic, whether it’s picking lucky numbers, figures based on the birthdays of loved ones or just six completely random digits, but is there a correct way to picking your SuperEnalotto numbers?

Some fans find that studying the statistics of the game come in handy. Although the numbers in all SuperEnalotto draws are completely random, there are certain digits that appear more frequently than others. The number to have made the most appearances is 90 with 191 appearances, closely followed by 85, 55, 81, 1 and 88. Great news if you’re a statistics fan, but hardly fantastic if you’re basing your selection on birthdays, unless your friends and family were born in the 1980s, are 55 or were delivered into the world on the first of the month. It would also be foolish to purposefully avoid 17 despite its association with bad luck in Italian culture, as it has appeared in 172 draws.   

There are a few strategies that it would be wise to avoid when selecting those crucial SuperEnalotto numbers. It is advisable to steer clear of picking six numbers under 30, as more players are likely to select these based on birthdays and special events. A win could result in you sharing the jackpot and taking home a lower total. Consecutive numbers are also very rare, as are number combinations that have been drawn more recently.

Ultimately, the fact is that SuperEnalotto numbers are drawn completely at random. While these strategies can help you pick the numbers to put down on your tickets, they won’t guarantee you a jackpot win - you need a healthy dose of luck for that!

With the last SuperEnalotto jackpot victory occurring almost eight months ago in July 2015, fans of this lottery favourite will be desperate to win the colossal prize, which now stands at an estimated €56.5 million ahead of this Saturday’s draw. So work out your strategy, pick those numbers carefully and cross your fingers and it could be you rolling in Euros very soon. Tickets can be purchased online or from any authorised retailer across the country. Good luck!

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