New SuperEnalotto is Here!

New SuperEnalotto is Here!

Following Saturday’s final draw under the old game rules, the new SuperEnalotto has arrived, with the first draw taking place this Tuesday evening. A new prize tier has been created, players now have the opportunity to win instantly when they buy their tickets and, if no one matches all six main numbers, the top prize, which will be worth €40.3 million on Tuesday, will grow faster than before.

Up until Saturday night, you could only receive a cash reward in the basic SuperEnalotto game by matching three or more numbers. From tomorrow’s draw, those who match two main balls will bank at least €5, increasing the chances of winning a SuperEnalotto award from 1 in 318 to 1 in 20.

SuperEnalotto players have already benefitted from the new game, with some receiving an instant win from €25 when they bought their tickets for tomorrow’s draw. All you need to do is match the four numbers in the magic square on the ticket with four of the numbers you are playing in SuperEnalotto and you win without the draw even needing to take place. These instant prizes were formerly just for players who took part in the additional SuperStar game, but are now available to anyone who plays SuperEnalotto.

Thanks to an increase in the amount of money made in ticket sales being paid into the prize fund, up from 34.65 percent to 60 percent, the jackpot will now grow at a much quicker pace if it is not won. This will make SuperEnalotto even more exciting in the future and could potentially rival the record-breaking €177.7 million paid out on 30th October 2010 to a lucky syndicate.

You can buy SuperEnalotto tickets for the first draw under the new rules right now at the Buy Official Tickets page, with each player allowed to choose up to a maximum of 19 numbers, offering 27,132 different winning combinations, in any single draw. You can also get hold of game entries at authorised retailers across Italy.

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Last Updated: Thursday 8 March, 2018 at 09:23
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