New SuperEnalotto Will Make it Easier to Win Prizes!

New SuperEnalotto Will Make it Easier to Win Prizes!

SuperEnalotto is changing in 2016, offering lottery fans a better chance of winning a prize and providing faster-growing jackpots. In addition, you could be lucky enough to win an instant prize, which start from €25, when you buy your SuperEnalotto tickets. In another move that will excite players, the amount of money returned in prizes from ticket sales will rise from the current level of 34.65 percent to 60 percent.

A new winning prize tier will be introduced to the game, with ticket holders receiving at least €5 for matching just two main numbers. Combined with the new instant rewards, which make up 8.4 percent of the total payout from each draw, this means that the odds of winning a prize will shift from one in 318 to one in 20, making it roughly 16 times easier to pick up some cash.

There will be no change made to the ball pool when new SuperEnalotto launches early next year; you will still be required to choose six numbers from 90 on a regular entry. The game will continue to be drawn three times a week and you can still add the Superstar supplementary game to your ticket to boost your winnings for a further €0.50. Although, to fund the creation of a new winning tier, provide the instant prizes and boost the jackpot, the price of a basic SuperEnalotto line will rise from €0.50 to €1.  

Lottery officials say they are currently putting the final preparations for new SuperEnalotto in place and will be ready to launch this exciting new chapter for the game in the new year.

Your next opportunity to play the current SuperEnalotto game is tonight, with a jackpot worth €30.5 million on offer if you can match all six main numbers. SuperEnalotto tickets are on sale from authorised retailers across Italy, or online at the Buy Official Tickets page. Good luck!

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