New Year, New Look!

New Year, New Look!

As it is a brand new year, we at decided to give our site a bit of a facelift! The eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed as well as updating our themes and making our pages easier to navigate, we have added some great new features too, which will make checking your SuperEnalotto results even easier to keep track of! Read on for more information.

One of our new features is the Results Checker, which enables players to input their numbers and search the last 90 days of results immediately for winning combinations. This is ideal if you play the same numbers each week, as it makes it much easier to track your winnings! Using the service is totally free and we hope will make playing – and checking – the SuperEnalotto even more fun.

We also have developed an iPhone app for players with Apple smartphones, which is completely free and will automatically deliver the latest results straight to your phone! This is ideal if you are out of the house at the time of the draw, or simply away from your computer. Plus, there is a built in Results Checker there too, so you can easily find out if you are the latest SuperEnalotto winner!

You can still easily find the latest SuperEnalotto lottery result by heading to our homepage, with a complete breakdown of that prize draw. You can also find the results for the last ten draws by clicking on the SuperEnalotto Results tab, which is now located to the top left hand side of each screen, to make results easy to find no matter where on the site you are.

We hope you enjoy and benefit from the features on our newly designed website, and of course don’t forget to play the SuperEnalotto this week, which has a jackpot of €36,100,000 for the draw on Thursday 10th January 2013.

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