Player Wins Biggest Si Vince Tutto Prize of the Year

Player Wins Biggest Si Vince Tutto Prize of the Year

A lucky player from Busto Arsizio has scooped the biggest Si Vince Tutto prize of the year, matching five main numbers to win €151,363. However, the luckiest city on the night was Milan, where 4,457 players won Si Vince Tutto prizes.

The winning Si Vince Tutto numbers were 7, 11, 14, 33, 47 and 80. In addition 47 players matched four main numbers to win €810.91 each, while 1,183 participants matched three main numbers and won €150.27 each. Finally, 12,277 ticket holders won €7.04 each for matching two of the main numbers drawn. Visit the Si Vince Tutto Results page to learn more about Wednesday’s game.

Si Vince Tutto, closely associated with SuperEnalotto, offers Italian lottery players the chance to win big on the last Wednesday of each month. The prize pool consists of 50 percent of all revenue from ticket sales for the draw. Should no one match the six numbers drawn, the prize money allocated to the jackpot is rolled down into the other prize tiers. Even when no one matches five numbers, players who matched two, three or four numbers will receive a chunk of the cash allocated to that tier.

The next Si Vince Tutto draw will be held on Wednesday 25th November, but before that SuperEnalotto will be offering a jackpot of €23.9 million on Saturday 31st October. If you can’t wait for the prospect of a big win, make sure you buy tickets online or from authorised retailers as soon as possible. Missing out on such a huge opportunity would be a real horror story!

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Last Updated: Thursday 8 March, 2018 at 09:27
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