Players Hope for Good Fortunes in Upcoming Si Vince Tutto

Players Hope for Good Fortunes in Upcoming Si Vince Tutto

The SuperEnalotto has now been rolling over for almost three months now, and players will undoubtedly be hoping for a change of fortunes in time for Christmas as the jackpot reaches €23.7 million in time for its next draw. Next week will also see the monthly Si Vince Tutto, which takes place on Wednesday 28th November 2012, where players will also be hoping for a chance of fortunes. But will the players be lucky enough to see a winner on either draw?

The SuperEnalotto has a history of long rollover sessions, due to the 6/90 number matrix required to win the jackpot. When compared to other European lotteries, which generally have a matrix of 5/50 or 6/49, the SuperEnalotto has much longer odds which makes winning those jackpots difficult. Linking this to the fact that most players will choose their numbers based on important or key dates – such as birthdays or anniversaries – which by their very nature tend to consist of numbers between 1 -31, this means often the range of numbers picked by players is not wide enough.

Players may want to consider changing their numbers to include the higher digits, to be in with a better chance of covering the whole matrix. Bearing in mind that the most commonly occurring SuperEnalotto number is 90 (which has occurred 157 times), players may benefit from considering a wider range of numbers. For more details on SuperEnalotto number statistics, visit the Statistics page, and why not try this tactic when purchasing your next ticket?

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