Record Win in the SuperEnalotto

Record Win in the SuperEnalotto

For months and months we have watched the SuperEnalotto grow to never before seen sizes. As each week failed to crown a winner of this massive fortune, it continued to get bigger. While many enjoyed the suspense and the fun of watching the lottery jackpot expand beyond the confines of the record books, it had to end at some point. On October 31st, Halloween, it was announced that the winning numbers had been matched, and the massive prize had been won.

A group of lottery players managed to match the numbers 4, 26, 40, 54, 55 and 67. There are a number of aspects of this triumph that make it unique in annals of SuperEnalotto history. First of all, the winners were not people who walked into their local lottery retailer and purchased tickets in person. The Jackpot of 177.7 million Euros ($246 million) was won by a group of online lotto betters. This may be the biggest jackpot ever won by online lottery players and is proof that playing lotto games online has now come into its own.

The 177.7 million eruo jackpot also eclipses the previous record that was set by the SuperEnalotto back in August of 2009. At that point, the winning ticket was worth 147.8 million Euros. That was not only a record for The SuperEnalotto, but also a European record for the biggest lotto payout. 177.7 million Euros is now the mark to beat. Considering the fact that it took 9 months of growth to reach that number, it is unlikely that record will be beaten any time soon.

In terms of where this win stands in relation to the entire lotto world, it is still eclipsed by the 390 million dollar jackpot that was paid out in March of 2007 as part of the United States “Mega Millions” game. If any lottery can reach those lofty heights though, the SuperEnalotto has proven it can put up those sort of numbers.

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