Results for Si Vince Tutto 31st October 2012

Results for Si Vince Tutto 31st October 2012

The Si Vince Tutto was drawn last night, continuing the month end tradition of drawing for the Special Edition draw of the SuperEnalotto. The Si Vince Tutto has not seen a Match 6 winner since it became a monthly draw on 27th April 2011, which is undoubtedly affecting its popularity, with jackpots decreasing from €24 million on the first draw to just €1.7 million for the draw last night. However, despite its decreasing jackpots, the draw still provokes the same excitement amongst players, just like every SuperEnalotto draw does – so let’s take a look at the results.

The winning numbers were 7, 9, 38, 47, 48, 76, and once again there were no winners to match all six numbers. Unfortunately in this draw there were no match five winners either, which means the jackpot funds were redistributed to the match four prize tier which saw 71 winners win €4,801 each. A further 2,416 winners also benefited from the roll down, scooping a healthy €363.56 each. There were a final 36,808 players to match two numbers, and winning €14.31 each.For a full break down of the results, see the Si Vince Tutto page.

Back to the SuperEnalotto now, and as the whole month of October has passed with no jackpot winner, we head into November with a jackpot of €18.5 million for the draw which will take place tonight. Will we see a winner of that top prize this month? Time will tell!

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