Results for SuperEnalotto Draw No. 105, 1st September 2016

Results for SuperEnalotto Draw No. 105, 1st September 2016

The SuperEnalotto draw on Thursday 1st September failed to bring an end to the long wait for another top-tier winner, but over 460,000 players won great prizes on an exciting night. The jackpot will now rise to €133.6 million for the next draw on Saturday 3rd September.

Thursday’s winning numbers were 4, 18, 43, 60, 69 and 85 with Jolly 87 and SuperStar 63. The largest prize awarded in the draw was given to three players who matched four main numbers and the Superstar to win €42,037 each. Another seven ticket holders matched five main numbers to win €31,151 each.

The remaining prizes won ranged from €5 for matching just the SuperStar to €2,903 for matching three main numbers plus the SuperStar, while 15,492 lucky participants received Instant Wins of €25 at the point of buying their tickets. Visit the SuperEnalotto Results page to find a full prize breakdown from the latest draw, as well as all the recent winning numbers from previous games.

There are 12 ways to win prizes across the SuperEnalotto and SuperStar games, plus the opportunity to win a prize right when you pick up a ticket, and Saturday’s draw is sure to produce thousands more winners. You might want to check out the Statistics page for inspiration when selecting your numbers, and perhaps consider whether you think the number 85 will be drawn again. It is the most frequently drawn on SuperEnalotto and, having appeared again yesterday, is now just one instance short of coming out 200 times.

You can buy tickets now online from anywhere in the world, or visit an authorised retailer in Italy if you prefer. You might just win a prize big enough to help you buy a new car, go on holiday to somewhere you’ve never been before or move into the house of your dreams. Good luck!

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