Results for SuperEnalotto Draw No. 109, Saturday 10th September 2016

Results for SuperEnalotto Draw No. 109, Saturday 10th September 2016

SuperEnalotto is still offering the biggest lottery jackpot in Europe after another rollover on Saturday 10th September but the game continues to create incredible amounts of winners in every draw. The top prize is now set to break into the top three largest SuperEnalotto wins, but only if the rollovers continue. Read more about the last draw here.

Saturday’s winning numbers were 9, 13, 16, 49, 64 and 65 with Jolly 58 and SuperStar 81. The biggest winners were the seven participants who matched five main numbers to win €36,646 each, while another ticket holder matched four main numbers and the SuperStar to win €31,695.

The other prizes spanned from €5, for matching just the SuperStar or two main numbers, up to €2,338 for matching three main numbers plus the SuperStar. There were also 17,826 players who won an instant prize of €25 at the point of buying their ticket. Visit the SuperEnalotto Results section to learn more about Saturday’s draw.

The SuperEnalotto statistics section shows that numbers in the 60s feature prominently in the table of most frequent consecutive pairs. The numbers 64 and 65 both appeared in the latest draw, so players who base their selections on statistics may want to reconsider their options ahead of the next game.

A phenomenal jackpot of €138.9 million is up for grabs on Tuesday night if anyone can match all six main numbers drawn. The SuperEnalotto jackpot has not been claimed in over a year, with the last win coming on 16th July 2015, but Saturday’s draw alone saw more than 616,500 players win great prizes, and a surge in ticket sales could mean that the jackpot could be won at any time. You can play SuperEnalotto online, or buy tickets from any authorised retailer in Italy. Good luck!

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