Si Vince Tutto Draw Results For Wednesday 26th September 2012

Si Vince Tutto Draw Results For Wednesday 26th September 2012

The monthly Si Vince Tutto draw took place last night and saw no top tier winner who was lucky enough to take away the top prize, which was an estimated €1.4 million. However, there was one prize winner to scoop the second prize by matching five numbers to win a very respectable €488,955, so there will be one happy player today! For full details of this months' results, visit our Results Page.

Recently, the estimated jackpots for the Si Vince Tutto have been decreasing, which could possibly be connected to the fact that there has been no top tier winner this year. This then has a corresponding decreasing effect to the secondary tier prizes, which is made up by taking 32.38% of the prize fund (assuming a first tier winner). For example, on 20th November 2011 the jackpot was €11.1 million, and although this was not won, the secondary tier prize was won, which was a whopping €1.8 million. This week’s secondary prize saw a much decreased secondary prize, as the prize fund was smaller.

However, if the top tier prize is not won, the prize fund is shared down all the other prize tiers to ensure all the prize money is still paid out, so the second tier winner usually will account for 33.36% of the prize fund.

More details on the prize allocations of the Si Vince Tutto can be found on its dedicated page.

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