SI Vince Tutto Plays On Wednesday 27th February 2013

SI Vince Tutto Plays On Wednesday 27th February 2013

The monthly Si Vince Tutto draw takes place next Wednesday, in the middle of an exciting time for SuperEnalotto players. This is because the lottery jackpot is still rolling over after having seen no top tier winner since 30th August 2012, and has now topped €47 million. This is the largest the SuperEnalotto jackpot has been since May 2012, when an epic rollover session meant the jackpot topped €94 million! But could the current jackpot rise that high, if it continues to rollover?

The €94,836,378 jackpot had rolled over an astonishing 101 times, and has taken eight months to create that figure. Our current jackpot has rolled over 73 times to date, which has taken six months. So who knows – if the jackpot is not won in the next eight weeks we could be seeing a jackpot to rival the one of May 2012!

Whilst the Si Vince Tutto does not have a fortune that high, it does however, still offer players the chance to become a millionaire by correctly matching all six numbers. However, there has been no top tier winner on the Si Vince Tutto since the game moved to being monthly. This is due to the number matrix which requires players to match six out of 90 numbers to win the top prize, in the same way as the SuperEnalotto. However, players continue to buy tickets for both lotteries, determined to beat the odds and crack that jackpot!

So, if you refuse to be beaten by the odds and want to join the ranks of the SuperEnalotto and Si Vince Tutto jackpot winners, buy your tickets in time for both draws, and see if you can be the one to scoop those top prizes!


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