Si Vince Tutto Results for 25th January 2012

Si Vince Tutto Results for 25th January 2012

Last night saw the first Si Vince Tutto draw of the year take place, and many ticket holders in this special draw were hoping to walk away with the top prize. However the Si Vince Tutto results for 25th January 2012 reveal that there were in fact no top prize winners as no players were lucky enough to match all six of the numbers drawn. In addition to that, players in this Italian lottery last night also failed to match any five of the numbers drawn meaning that the first winning prize tier was the third tier, which saw 332 players match four numbers to each win €4,532.

The Si Vince Tutto results from last night in case you haven’t seen them already were 2, 7, 38, 70, 77 and 88. Unlike the normal SuperEnalotto game this special draw doesn’t have the Jolly or Superstar number like the normal game has, meaning that it is just the main six numbers which are drawn out.

It is rare to see both the top two prize tiers without any winners, as normally the Si Vince Tutto draw produces winners in at least the second tier. The last time this happened was on the 30th September 2011 when players again failed to match either five or six numbers drawn to win one of the top two prizes.

The next Si Vince Tutto draw will take place on the 29th February 2012, so have your tickets ready for this second special draw of the year, and you never know you might just match the Si Vince Tutto results to walk away with the title of first jackpot winner in this lottery in 2012.

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