Si Vince Tutto Results for Wednesday 28th March 2012

Si Vince Tutto Results for Wednesday 28th March 2012

Players of the Italian lottery Superenalotto will no doubt have noticed that the Si Vince Tutto draws have now become a monthly occurrence. Additionally with the new schedule for these games comes a new prize tier. Players can now be a winner in the Si Vince Tutto game simply by matching two of the numbers drawn. The latest draw too place just a week ago and here we look at the Si Vince Tutto results for Wednesday 28th March 2012.

Once again there were no jackpot winners for the Si Vince Tutto but as the game works differently to the main Superenalotto game, the total prize pool for Si Vince Tutto is split amongst the lower prize tiers.

There were nearly 70,000 winners in total who share the prize pool of €3,341,863, a substantially lower prize pot than the previous draw on February 29th of €8,051,985. Could it be that the regularity now of the Si Vince Tutto draws makes it less interesting for players? In April 2011 the jackpot offered on the game was an impressive €24,265,188 with the following draw in June 2011 offering just €13,183,078. It was at this point that they draws started taking place monthly and a gradual decline in pot prizes although in November 2011 the jackpot increased slightly to that on offer in September and October.

The next Si Vince Tutto draw is scheduled for 30th April 2012.

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