Si Vince Tutto Results for 24th April 2013

Si Vince Tutto Results for 24th April 2013

The special monthly Si Vince Tutto game was held last night and had a top prize of €1,093,850 on offer for any player lucky enough to match all six numbers. However, given the difficulty in choosing the six correct numbers from the batch of 90, no player has successfully been able to do this on the monthly draw. Did last night see the first monthly jackpot winner? Or will the prize fund be distributed to the lower tier winners again?

Clearly the Si Vince Tutto does not want to break with tradition just yet, as once again there was no top prize winner. Unluckily, there was no player able to match five numbers either, which means the prize fund was divided amongst those who matched four, three or two numbers. On the plus side, this meant that the 42 players who beat the odds to match four numbers won an impressive €5,083.79 each.

In the lower tiers, there were 1,241 players who matched three numbers to win €443.35 each, followed by 17,808 players who successfully matched two numbers and won €18.53, a very good prize for matching so few numbers. To see the full prize breakdown, please visit the Si Vince Tutto Results page.

The generous secondary tier prizes are one of the advantages of playing the Si Vince Tutto, as no jackpot winner means a bigger distribution of the top prize across the lower tiers. However, undoubtedly all players have their eye on the jackpot when buying their tickets, and long to be the one lucky player to beat those odds of 622,614,630!

In the meantime, players are reminded that the SuperEnalotto draw due to take place tonight has been rescheduled to Saturday, due to the celebration of Liberation Day. You can read more about that here.

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